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car seat for an ancient mini!

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4Antonia · 12/12/2009 13:00

Help! I have a 14-year-old Rover mini and need to source a front facing car seat for my very very small toddler daughter who has just hit 9kgs and will be three in January. Can anyone suggest a brand that will be suitable for a mini and is comfortable/reclining/easy to use etc..
many thanks

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nicm · 12/12/2009 22:09

hi sorry i can't help but if you look on someone has just got a group 1 rf seat for a mini. think it is a besafe seat. hth.

LynetteScavo · 12/12/2009 22:12

Oh, bless..she must be tiny!

Maxi Cosi seems to fit most cars...but the Britax website will tell you if a particular seat of theirs will fit your car.

LynetteScavo · 12/12/2009 22:14

LynetteScavo · 12/12/2009 22:15

But it only fits the front, and only if no air bag is present!

4Antonia · 15/12/2009 00:22

Thanks for that - Lynette, I've checked out the Britax website and the Prince Benno seems to be the most likely model...will go to Halfords and ask them to fit one first.
Thanks so much for the input!
Yes, she's very very wee...she was born with a syndrome - Russell Silver - which means she's lacking natural growth hormone so she's never going to be a giant but with growth hormone jabs she should hit five foot. She's a lousy eater though, especially with a cough/cold which she has now. Sigh!

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