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Creatis infant carrier question ....

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browntrout · 21/10/2009 20:38

I have a bebe confort creatis car seat which fits onto the Loola chassis. In view of the impending birth of DD2 I removed the covers to wash it and now cant seem to get them on again. The main question is this; does the grey lining which sits on top of the seat (it looks like it has two 'ears') have a foam lining inside? Only, if it has, I am buggered if I can find it. If it doesnt, does it fit to the seat in some other way?

thanks in advance

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browntrout · 21/10/2009 21:11

actually I may have sussed it out - I think they fit around the bits already fixed in the car seat .... hope so anyway. Will have to have jaunt to mothercare and take a look at one which hasnt had me tampering with it.

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