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DS only 2.7yrs but over 18kg weight limit for Maxi Cosi Priori XP

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amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 12:31

Yes he's a whopper 18.6kg naked - v tall too (taller & heavier than all the 3.5yr olds I know)

So what do I do about the car seat?

The maximum weight limit for his seat - and all others in that group as far as I can see - is 18kg.

Is he too young for the next stage high backed booster with car seat belt? Was thinking of the Britax Kidfix? but gut feeling is he isn't old enough?

OP posts:
Twinsmommy · 21/10/2009 12:48

My twin boys are very very tall and I had the same problem of what to do as they had totally grown out of their seats at 2.8yrs. Would just mention though that they were not heavier than their group-seat capacity, just really, really tall.

I went straight into the high backed booster, as you mention with the car seat belt.

The only problem we had, and it was only for the very first few times we used them, was getting the boys to actually stay in the seatbelt as, obviously, the seat belt is not as rigid as the straps over both shoulders and buckled at the crotch type.

I have to say though, that it was literally only a couple of journeys that I had to have my eyes glued on them and stop/start to fix them back in.

They very quickly learned that we don't get anywhere unless their seat belts are on and now we don't have any problems at all.

Only downside of the booster seats, that I can think of, is that, even though they say they recline, I tend to find the degree to which they do recline is not enough to ensure a comfortable position for the boys if they are sleeping. My boys don't often sleep in the car anymore, but on the occasions that they do, their heads tend to drop forward and mummy has to pull-over to try and tilt their heads back into a more comfortable position.

Hope this is useful.

nicm · 21/10/2009 12:56

the britax two way elite has a harness to 25kgs. can be forward or rear facing. is a great seat.

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 14:07


I think he'd be OK with a car seat belt - he's been in his big sister's seat a couple of times when I've transported a friend's little girl.

Can't find the Britax 2-way elite on the Britax site - is it discontinued?

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amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 14:31

Anyone else had this problem?

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Twinsmommy · 21/10/2009 14:58

If it's any help to you, we are using the:

Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR

nicm · 21/10/2009 18:38

the two way elite can be found on they are not on general release in the uk and i think only the in car safety centre stock them. you could go rf with the twe i had my 6 yo mindee in mine today.

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 18:47

Thanks will look at both of those. I really can't see DS rear facing though

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moshie · 21/10/2009 19:03

I use the elite for my mindees, bought it as a forward facing seat when it was just called the elite.
Great seat, really pleased with it. I wouldn't be happy with a two year old in just a seatbelt.

nicm · 21/10/2009 19:33

amazonianwoman you may be surprised although you can use it ff as well!!

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 21:29

But there's no room for their legs when they're rear facing? He gets frustrated when DH drives with the driver's seat pushed right back (DH v tall, neither of our cars are small) and he doesn't have much leg room.

Is the 2-way elite safe to use forward facing up to 25kg do you know? All the other 5-point seats have a maximum weight limit of 18kg. Think I might email Britax for more advice.

Thanks again

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 21/10/2009 21:32

you can set the twe so that there is more legroom, but he'll be fine

thisisyesterday · 21/10/2009 21:32

quite frankly, rear-facing is safer. i don't care if mine hate lack of legspace. they're less likely to die

thisisyesterday · 21/10/2009 21:35

but yes, it can be used forward facing up to 25kg

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 21:41

Yes, I absolutely agree that rear-facing is safer - no argument. But if he's screaming blue murder cos he's facing backwards when big sis is facing front/his legs are squashed etc etc I'm more likely to crash while driving...

Will defo contact Britax/incarsafetycentre etc in the morning - I'm reluctant to buy a £200 seat without knowing that it will fit etc.

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 21/10/2009 21:43

i am pretty sure it would fit if you're using it forward facing tbh, it's not unlike any other highback booster type thingy.

if you're near milton keynes though you should go in, they're SO helpful there

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 21:53

No, miles away up north unfortunately. Will ring them, they may have info on car models.

OP posts:
nicm · 21/10/2009 22:03

yes i would call them, they are really helpful over the phone too. what car do you have? if i knew someone with the car i could try it for you if you'd like. the twe moves back for older kids, my 3 yo mindee can sit with straight legs when it's in the further back position.

amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 23:01

Cheers, we have an Audi A4 Avant/estate 2002 model - there isn't much leg room in the back of it though.

We also have a VW Passat Saloon 2003 model, but we'll probably be selling that soon. We'll definitely be going for something with much more rear legroom, maybe a Ford S-Max.

OP posts:
amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 23:02

Sorry, another Q - any idea how tall your 3yr old mindee is? Will measure DS tomorrow

OP posts:
amazonianwoman · 21/10/2009 23:03

Perhaps I should put him on a strict diet so he can just stay in the Maxi Cosi Priori for a few more months

OP posts:
nicm · 22/10/2009 10:12

lol i'm sure if he's anything like my ds he wouldn't be too happy on a diet!! sorry don't know anyone with those cars. i know someone with an a4 but not the estate. could ask them if i could try it in theirs if you want? have no idea what height she is but when i get her home from nursery i'll measure her and let you know. but i would call the in car safety centre and see if they have fitted in either of your cars.

nicolamumof3 · 22/10/2009 20:09

im having the same dilema myself atm, ds2 is however 3.10yr but i really don't want him in a high back booster/seat belt, i like the harness and i just love the maxi cosi xp as a seat. i couldn't spend £200 on a seat knowing in a few months DS3 who's currently 2.3yr and 15kg will need one too!

Have been looking at Rodi XR and also Britax Evolva and can't decide.

amazonianwoman · 22/10/2009 21:15

Didn't get a chance to ring the company today.

If I don't go for the Britax 2-way elite I'm going to get the Britax Kidfix I think. It scores the same/marginally higher than the Rodi in the Which report, and is also isofix compatible.

We already have a Britax 1-2-3 Evolva but I don't like it much - a pain to fit when used as a Group 1 with 5 point harness, and the material feels like microfibre cloth which catches every dry bit of skin on my hands and looks pretty shabby after only 1.5yrs use. Although I think there are different fabric options now...

OP posts:
Metatron · 22/10/2009 21:27

I recommend kiddy car seats so here i go again


I have comfort pro for my two, with cushion for the light 3 year old and without finally for my 5 1/2 year old. Thay are brill, v different from the normal polystyrene high back boosters. Good recline too.

They got v good results in euro tests and uk tests too. I had two (totally not my fault write offs in 3 months, during which my husband got rear ended while pulled over on the hard shoulder) serious accidents, one of which has caused my possibly permanent nerve damage - kids didn't even have a bruise. I really can't fault the seats at all.

nicm · 22/10/2009 22:42

sorry didn't get a chance to measure her today but will do tomorrow!

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