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3 car seats ?

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nicm · 13/10/2009 22:52


was wondering if anyone has 3 car seats across the back of either a vw golf or seat leon and if so what? am ideally looking for 2 group 1 rf seats and a hbb.

either that or do you have 2 rf seats and a hbb? if so which car takes them?

is proving v difficult!

tia x

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aWitchForLifeNotJustHalloween · 13/10/2009 22:54

we have 3 hbb's - graco sport ones - but as that's not actually any help to you have a BUMP anyway!!

sazm · 14/10/2009 21:30

i think you would be struggling with 2 rearfacing seats and a hbb,
i can fit one forward facing seat or a rear facing stage 0 seat and 2 hbb's in a 3 door corsa,mgzr,focus,and now in my vectra,

rearfacingcarseats5timessafer · 16/10/2009 20:14

We have had two group1 rear facing car seats and a high back booster in our Volvo v70.

nicm · 16/10/2009 20:27

thanks but i think we're sorted. have managed 2 of the two way elites and a priori in the back og a leon!! unfortunately the volvo is a bit out of our price range for now.

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