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Infant car seat for 3-door Ford Ka

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PennyScotia · 02/10/2009 09:20

Both my husband and I drive 3-door Ka's and are having a baby in March. Are there suitable car seats out there or would we be better off selling one of the cars and buying something bigger?

OP posts:
norktasticninja · 02/10/2009 09:28

We used to have a Ford Ka and used a Maxicosi cabrio (0+) and a BeSafe iZi Combi (group 1) in it.

It's more of a problem getting a pushchair/pram to fit into one than a car seat IME.

Berrie · 02/10/2009 09:35

I struggled with my KA for ages before changing it. It is also quite difficult to choose a pushchair that will fit in the boot. If I were having my first again I would definitely get a bigger car before the baby and before buying a pushchair too. We bought a Renault Scenic. It's one of those higher up cars which is great for strapping children in their car seats as there is no bending down.

usernametaken · 02/10/2009 13:01

I sold my Ka recently when we realised that a rear facing car seat was not going to work in a 3 door car. DD faces forwards and she is easy to get in. DS's seat is fixed in (Britax first class si) so when trying out the seats we found that DD's seat got in the way, I would have to climb into the back and do some gymnastic type manoveurs just to get him in his seat. The boot space is also crap for a buggy of any size. I bought a 5 door Polo in the end which has been excellent. Not had the chance to try it out with 2 kids yet as an emergency c-sec has put an end to all driving!

norktasticninja · 02/10/2009 14:50

username - we had a RF stage 1 seat in our KA, it wasn't particularly easy to get DD in and out but it fitted just fine.

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