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Is there such a thing as a compact car seat for a 3YO?

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mamadiva · 10/09/2009 10:59

I don't drive but would be used for taxi's, or occassional trips in SIL's car (literally about 3 times a year).

Three or 4 times a year we visit family in Glasgow which is a 5 hour train journey and each time we go down 3YO DS ends upin car ona crappy little booster seat which I've never been amused with but was told to stop being a stroppy cow when I said. Anyway I was thinking of getting something that we could take with us or something we could buy and leave down there.

Although at home we do use taxi's and it would be handy to have something for that too.

Anyone know of anything that would help keep DS safe that won't cost the earth or take up masses of room?

OP posts:
sazm · 10/09/2009 13:25

tbh i wouldnt put a 3yo on just a booster as it doesnt offer any protectio in a crash,
you would be wanting a highbacked booster then????
the safest ones are about £80, britax kis is the safest,
but a cheaper highbacked booster like the britax hi-liner(i have 2 of these) are often on offer in halfords for mch less,and they last until lo is approx 12yo,

bran · 10/09/2009 13:41

Trunki are bringing out a compact seat early next year which looks great. It wouldn't be as good as a proper high-backed car seat as it doesn't given any head or neck protection at all, but it would be easy to carry and better than just a booster.

For DS I have a high-back seat with a removeable back so it's easier to pack into a bag, but it's still bulky and not as safe as his regular seat (which is isofix). I think it cost me under £30. If you do go for the come-apart type try to get one with an adjustable head support for best protection.

bran · 10/09/2009 13:44

Kiddicare have a folding one with a carrying handle. It still looks pretty bulky though.

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