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spats · 29/08/2009 10:56

Help. Have just got this car seat as a travel systemn and it said compatible with my car which is a vauxhall vectra. Only thing is the seat has a level indicator which says must be blue if in correct position with no orange showing. But the car seats in the vectra dip down so impossible to get no orange showing as will always tilt. Have now brought base for it and still shows orange. tried putting towel underneath to level it but still shows some orange. help , anyone???

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spats · 31/08/2009 18:28


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sazm · 31/08/2009 22:08

try a bigger towel(rolled up under the base closest to the rear of the car)
our vectra is the same with our maxi cosi seat,
you can buy foam thingys to go under the seat,but a towel works just the same,

spats · 02/09/2009 16:39

THanks, i guess it is safe isn't it? you are just levelling out the seat really.

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