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Silvercross Ventura 0+?? Anybody on here used this seat?

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njmomof1 · 25/08/2009 09:15

Hi peeps!

My DS is 6mths old and I have a few questions.

He is still fitting in the seat (bodywise i mean) however, the harness straps are causing a bit of a concern.... in the booklet it says that the straps must be adjusted to be level or above the shoulders. I have adjusted them to the highest level and they are still curving over his shoulders which is making me think about getting a Stage 1 seat already.

DS is 68cm long and about 18lb (7.8kgish)

Any ideas?? Cause there is another hole setting for the straps in the actual carseat frame but there are no holes in the cover and no instructions referring to them....

HELP please!! .... also what car seats have people got for Stage 1??

OP posts:
greensnail · 25/08/2009 22:08

Hi, I have this seat. DD is 8 months and 23lb. The straps are doing the same thing on our seat. I had also wondered about those other slots at the back - it does look as though there should be another set of holes in the cover doesn't it.

Anyway, I think the safest thing is still to keep him in this seat until he is actually too long or too heavy for the seat. DD still seems very secure in hers, and she is obviously much bigger than your ds.

I went looking at group 1 seats a couple of weeks ago. I was looking at getting a rearfaacing group 1 seat, but was advised itwas safest to keep dd in the ventura as long as possible even though she is big enough to go into the next seat.

Don't move him yet. It would be unsafe to move your ds into a group 1 seat until he is 20lb - but safest to keep him in his current seat until he's definitely too big for it.

funwithfondue · 01/09/2009 13:18

I've got this seat too, dd is 28 weeks and 20lb. The straps also curve over her shoulders, but I wasn't aware until I read your OP that this was a problem!

I would consider cutting holes in the fabric to raise them (and hey, even hemming them if I can, or lining them with tape or something) - I'll have a look at it and let you know how I get on.

I am thinking about moving dd into the next size seat in the next few weeks though, as her legs are coming right out of the Ventura.

sazm · 02/09/2009 23:46

funwithfondue,it doesnt matter if her legs are bent up keep her is the silver cross until she reaches the max weight,she is MUCH safer rearfacing,
the silvercross should do her for a good while yet if she is just 20lbs,

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