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Has anyone the izi combi non isofix car seat?

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theowlwhowasafraidofthedark · 24/08/2009 18:39

I'm thinking about ordering this online, but I'm worried it'll be very complicated to fit (have checked the instructions out online and have become intimidated). I would hate to get a safer seat but incorrectly fit it to make it more dangerous than a forward facing one that I could have fitted for me.

I've got a ford focus if that makes a difference.

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ZippysMum · 24/08/2009 18:43

Hi owl

Having had a right nightmare getting a car seat to fit our car safely, I would strongly advise at least going to a big Mothercare to try the seat in your car before you buy online. I didn't know that if the buckle touched the seat it was dangerous - the buckle can shear off in a crash - and wouldn't have known unless a trained fitter had looked at the seat in the car and said it was unsafe.

Hope you find one that fits!

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark · 24/08/2009 18:47

Thanks - this is the sort of thing I'm worried about. Unfortunately the seat I want only seems to be available online.
Am thinking of giving in and going to halfords tomorrow.

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ZippysMum · 24/08/2009 18:53

Ah. Might be worth calling the manufacturer of the seat - they may be able to tell you whether it will fit your make and model of car.

We were going to buy online too, but glad we didn't in the end. Tricky if there's nowhere else to get it though.

If you do go the online route, there are some good videos on You Tube about fitting seats etc. The problem we encountered was called 'buckle crunch' - I hadn't heard of it before (know way too much about it now, having tried practically every infant carrier in the shop in our car and have only one fit!!)

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark · 25/08/2009 12:39

Just bumping in case someone can help

OP posts:
Tangle · 25/08/2009 23:25

I'd give the these ladies in Essex a call - they're extremely knowledgeable and very helpful, may have direct experience of fitting the seat in a Focus, and may well be able to give you ways to help check you've got the seat in correctly (not perfect, I know, but better than nothing. Even if you're nowhere near them, they may be coming near to you, as they get contracted to do a lot of the car seat safety checks held at fire stations - in which case you could get some help in person.

You might also want to have a look at if you haven't already, and possibly join the forum - you might find that someone knows of a "real" shop near you that sells them and could help you, or there may be someone on the site that has one and lives nearby that could give you a hand.

We've got the IziKid non-Isofix, bought online from Sweden last November. We met up with a very helpful lady from the rearfacing website who had the seat and showed us how to fit it, and haven't found it a problem to fit in our A3 or a few other cars - there are a few more steps to follow, but they're not horribly complicated. We haven't come across any instances of buckle crunch yet - I think it would be very uncommon if you have the seat RF as the part of the IziKid near the buckle is very narrow relative to your average FF Grp 1 seat.

Hope that helps

lowrib · 26/08/2009 00:38

We had a nightmare trying to find a rear-facing seat for our 13kg 7mo.

In the end we found these guys who were brilliantly helpful.

Also they do free, next day delivery.

We got the 2-way Elite for £196, which is non-isofix and my DP didn't have any problems fitting it. The lady at the shop (the In Car Safety Centre) said to call her when the chair turned up and she'd talk us through fitting it step by step, and also we spoke to the local Road Safety Unit (part of the police) and they said they'd be happy to check it for us.

In the end though it was easy to see it was fitted right, and my DP didn't need to phone the lady, or get it checked.

I can't speak for the izi combi though, I don't know how it works.

nicm · 28/08/2009 21:46

hi don't have the besafe but the in car safety centre are really helpful. we got out 2 way elite from them, but they have started stocking the besafe so would probably be able to advise you over the phone if you aren't near them.

the rf website has a list of stockists on their site too.


barnpot · 30/08/2009 18:14

hi we have the besafe isofix and although took a bit of brute force was easy to fit in our c-max i know the non isofix is a bit different but the instructions were really straight forward and i think the company pride themselves on making car seats to fit most cars hth

thinkaboutthepepilepticdogs · 01/09/2009 11:27

Hi, we have a ford focus and went to a local retailer that has izi combi and it didn't fit in the car. We bought the Brio Zento instead, fits great and DD loves it.

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