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RF stage 1 seats with tether straps and drivers of different heights. How do you do it?

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norktasticninja · 20/08/2009 12:28

We've just got a new car and had decided to put DDs RF seat behind the driver and DSs 0+ seat behind the passenger seat. It turns out that it's not a practical option - the RF seat has tether straps and I need the seat a lot further forward than DP. So were going to have to put her on the other side.

The thing is we have an 18 month age gap between our DC so we are going to have to have two RF stage 1 seats for a while. I'd really rather have DD RF for as long as possible, turning her somewhere between 2.3 and 2.6 seems far too soon.

Is there any option other than the continuous alteration of the tether straps? Are the non-isofix seats without tether straps?

OP posts:
Verity79 · 20/08/2009 18:27

Would you be able to put the Group 1 seat behind the passenger seat and have the baby's seat in thew middle?

Or you could always get another tether kit and adjust one for you and one for DH and have both of them attached to the drivers seat. That way you could tether the seat no matter who was driving.

nicm · 28/08/2009 21:54

our tether straps go around the seat and through the back iykwim? so it doesn't need moved when we move the seat just tightened.

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