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Nissan Leaf and unexpected no3!

2 replies

Tirnanogg · 10/08/2023 14:27

Has anyone managed to get 3 children in the back of a Nissan Leaf?

I've got a 5&6 year old and just had an unexpected positive test! Do I need a bigger car, or is there a way around this?! Eldest is tall enough to use a backless booster, but I'd rather avoid if possible...

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BertieBotts · 10/08/2023 15:40

It doesn't look completely hopeless if you're willing to have a play around.

What seats do you have currently? If any of them are multi stage ones, it would probably be worth swapping for a slim high backed booster. Detach the isofix from the boosters to allow a bit more wiggle room. With 2 older ones in boosters and a newborn seat, you should be OK. Then you could swap the youngest to a belted ERF as this is most likely to get you the flexibility of fit, though you might have changed the car by then.

Are your kids on the taller or shorter side generally?

Tirnanogg · 10/08/2023 16:47

Thank you for the reply!

They've got Ickle Bubba Solar 123 seats, which are pretty bulky so we can definitely go slimmer. Both children are pretty tall for their age (and the baby will probably be enormous, based on the last two!)

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