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Struggling with Axkid Move straps

5 replies

addler · 10/08/2023 02:09

It feels like no matter what we do we can't get the straps tight enough and they're slipping down DS's shoulders.

Has anyone had this seat and found similar?

@BertieBotts any advice?

OP posts:
DaisyAndDonaldDuck · 10/08/2023 05:20

Post a photo and ask for a fit check on the Facebook group Extended Rear Facing (ERF) Car Seat Safety group.

They are IOSH trained so will be able to give you a correct fit as it sounds like that’s the problem.

BertieBotts · 10/08/2023 08:01

I'm not experienced with the Axkid Move, sorry. Slipping down usually means too low, though, could that be it? Or maybe DC is leaning forward as you strap him in?

You should be able to get fitting advice from your retailer that you bought the seat from.

addler · 10/08/2023 09:25

@DaisyAndDonaldDuck thank you, I will do!

@BertieBotts unfortunately we've moved to NZ since we bought it, we only switched from our Joie 360 after we moved and baby DD moved in to the Joie.

OP posts:
Clefable · 10/08/2023 09:27

We have a Move. I'd check the headrest/straps is at the right height first, that's often the culprit for straps slipping. We've never had this problem with ours but it's almost certainly a fit issue v a seat issue. Hold the straps at the top close in towards the neck while you tighten them with the other hand too to make sure they are in right place.

BertieBotts · 10/08/2023 10:31

They might offer support online. Or you could look up a NZ CPST? There's one that posts on the car seat advice UK group.

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