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Maxi Cosi Coral

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Wflwer · 09/08/2023 21:28

Anyone have and recommend or have any recommendations?

i live in a flat so need to navigate the car park (we all have ground floor access with outside front doors around the building luckily) so don’t want anything too heavy I looked at the cybex cloud t (9lbs) and bugaboo turtle/nuna pipa (6lbs) but add on a baby I can already tell it’s going to be difficult haha!

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 09/08/2023 23:03

Usually what you'll find you do in this situation is just take the car seat and put it on the pram wheels to take it into the house. So the weight of the seat doesn't matter too much.

I have not used the coral myself but be aware that it's the full plastic shell which clicks into a pram which is even heavier than most normal car seats. The little lift out bit is really light, but it seems like it might get a bit unwieldy once the baby grows a bit. (This is speculation, I haven't used one).

Caspianberg · 10/08/2023 08:36

We can’t park near our house, so our parking garage is kind of down the road. W just used a 0-4 swivel seat that stayed in the car, and just carried baby to and from the car in arms. Much lighter.

If I had pram with me I would put pram up and wheel it back with baby back inside carrycot the first few months. but we kept pram in house for naps anyway

Bells3032 · 30/08/2023 15:09

might be a bit late but i had the coral and was fantastic. had a bad back and shoulders so wanted something light way if she fell asleep in the car etc. everyone who saw it at baby classes etc thought it was fab. also great for doctors appts etc. Definitely would recommend.

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