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Renault captur Cybex Cloud Z2

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Thompson30 · 29/06/2023 01:18

Does anyone have a Renault Captur and a Cybex Cloud Z2? We’re looking at getting a captur but I want to make sure that car seat will definitely fit as we have already ordered our travel system.

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 29/06/2023 08:41

If the car is new enough to have i-size seating positions (you can tell as there will be a little "i" symbol next to the isofix points) then it will definitely be compatible. What that doesn't tell you is things like how much front seat space you'll get or what the angle will be like for a toddler in the next stage seat. The Z2 has the recline function also in the car so this is unlikely to be a problem for the baby seat.

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