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Anyone had Axkid one 2 car seat or similar?

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acupofteamakeseverythingbetter · 09/06/2023 19:30

I'm looking to buy a second car seat for DH car for my 11kg (ish) 12 month old DS. He's on the 91st centile for his height but not sure of his current height.

In my car, I currently have the joie 360 car seat which goes up to 18kg so he could outgrow that by 3 years old.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma... DH just wants any old cheap car seat but I'm in a few car seat safety groups and am aware of the advantages of plus tested car seats and rear facing for as long as possible etc and so I've been looking at getting the Axkid One 2 for my car and putting the joie 360 spin in his car.

It's a lot of money and I'm worried I'll hate it because I really do find the swivel function so easy to get DS in and out especially now he's not a fan of the car seat at all and it's a struggle to get him in at the best of times!

I've also read somewhere that this car seat offers the most legroom which is a bonus as DH is very tall so I think DS will be too. I have a ford Kuga.

I've you've had this car seat or similar, would you recommend or is there something similar that might be better?

Thank you!

OP posts:
FamilyAreEverything · 09/06/2023 21:36

No experience of Axkid but we have a BeSafe Stretch for our tall 5 1/2 year old. Hoping to get at least another year to 18 months out of it. Tons of leg room and has a really tall shell for kids with long torsos. It also has a 36kg weight limit, which may be helpful if your son is high centile for weight.
All ERF seats have low sides so it’s super easy for your child to climb in. I’ve no experience of a swivel seat, but I understand they’re really high and awkward to lift your child into, especially as they get older and heavier.

BertieBotts · 10/06/2023 09:37

If you want a seat which lasts longer, there are cheaper options like the Besafe Stretch as mentioned above (which is still pricey, just not as pricey as Axkid One). There's also the Axkid seats - Move, Minikid 2, Minikid 3 and there seems to be a new Minikid 4 but I don't know any details about it.

Britax are meant to be bringing a new ERF seat out soon too based on their Max Way.

The main reason the Axkid One2 is so expensive is the isofix - you may not need this? If you're planning to leave the seat in place then the isofix is unnecessary. All of the Swedish type ERF seats up to 125cm have better leg room than the Joie spin seat.

If you like the swivel, keep the Joie in yours and put the new, bigger seat in DH's car. Then you still have access to it if you need to swap them over later, but you get to keep the swivel for now.

You can find some reviews of the Axkid One (the One2 isn't that different, just a few tweaks). Obviously that doesn't give you a good sense of what it's like over time, though.

missmarplesapprentice · 11/06/2023 22:40

We have the axkid one2 and I love it. It does take a little getting used to with the no swivel (our infant carrier swivelled) but not too long. My husband was happy with ERF, his only request was isofix as he would feel more comfortable he hasn’t messed up the install. We also have a Britax swingfix plus (20kg) and it does rotate (was half the price too) for our second car. For now it is easier but I think when the legs get longer he will prefer the axkid. There’s normally offers on with axkid every couple of months so look out for those.

xkr · 14/06/2023 23:55

We have (or rather, had) 4 Axkid One 2s and they're amazing - the only thing is if you love the spin feature you might find this one a bit frustrating. I'm guessing no other spin seats stay rear facing beyond 18kg?

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