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Nania trio

2 replies

Cmcl92 · 16/04/2023 15:36

wondering if anyone has successfully used the Nania Trio car seat on an airplane?


OP posts:
dementedpixie · 16/04/2023 15:40

I thought it had to be able to be fitted with a lap belt to be used on a plane. That seat needs a 3 point seat belt

BertieBotts · 16/04/2023 16:42

There aren't any seats on the market any more that can be fitted with a lap belt, that's the problem. Most airlines do accept seats without the airline specific approval as long as they can be belt fitted.

I haven't seen that particular seat used, but the belt path looks like it would secure the seat in forward facing mode. It's whether you could reach the belt to tighten it and then open it when it's time to leave. The rear facing belt path would need both the lap and diagonal belt so would not work. You also could not use it in booster mode on the plane.

Be warned it is quite unusual to use a car seat on a European airline and you'll have people trying to take it off you all the time to put it in the hold, apparently.

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