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HELP! Anyone got a Joie I-spin 360?!!

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SunshineAndFizz · 10/04/2023 07:55

DD3 has been sick all over her car seat - a Joie I-spin 360.

I've put the covers in the wash - fine - but when the cover is off the seat underneath has a load of tiny fiddly holes and the sicks got down there. There doesn't seem to be anyway to open it up/remove from the base to clean inside the seat.

Surely there's a way to get it clean? Please help!!!

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SunshineAndFizz · 10/04/2023 10:43

Anyone? Shameless bump.

The smell of vom is burning my nostrils.

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BertieBotts · 10/04/2023 12:48

You can't open it up so the only real thing you can do is try to rinse it and tip the water out, or soak up with bicarbonate of soda and hope that + the sick drying out gets rid of the smell D:

You can sometimes get little bits by poking a cotton bud through the holes but it's not a nice job.

Usedtobecool · 10/04/2023 12:56

We have same car seat and had a couple of incidents like this. Covered it in bicarb left on overnight and then vacuumed it before putting covers back on. Definitely gets rid of the smell

SunshineAndFizz · 10/04/2023 16:24

Thank you both @BertieBotts @Usedtobecool for your replies, much appreciated.

Before I got your replies I bit the bullet and hosed it down with the shower. Must be some holes somewhere at the bottom as the water streamed out and so did LOADS of stuff with it (I suspect not just the vom but two years worth of crumbs too). Quite satisfying actually.

It's been drying in the garden all day and I think the smell has now gone 🤞🏻

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