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Can a 20 month old travel in the front?

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mumtobee22 · 30/03/2023 19:47

I bought a new car recently and it's only a two door as I couldn't find a four door in reasonable price. I have a britax romer eclipse car seat but believe me when I say it's impossible trying to get it into the back and strap it in with the seatbelt. It's so much hassle and also lifting my son in and out. He's always hitting his head getting in. So I was wondering can he go in the front with me forward facing but with the cars own seat pushed away from the airbag? I would say no as it doesn't sound safe but I'm just asking anyway for advice as he's my first child and I'm not really knowledgeable on car seats and stuff 🙈thanks in advance

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Doje · 30/03/2023 19:49

Have a check of the government website, but from memory, guidance is to turn off the airbag if you can and if not then push the seat back as far as possible.

Exactfare · 30/03/2023 19:55

I'd be more worried about such a young child being forward facing than being in the front thb

It might be legal bit it's not a good idea

BertieBotts · 30/03/2023 21:23

You need to check the car manual, but usually this is OK. Push the seat back as far as you can as other posters say. The car manual will have guidance re airbag on or off.

You can put a rear facing seat in the front but you must disable the airbag. For forward facing seats it's a case of what the car maker recommends.

It is safer in the back if they are forward facing, but legal to use in the front.

Hatscats · 30/03/2023 21:26

Forward facing in the front isn’t great - they’ll either get smashed by an airbag, or if you turn it off then they’ll hit the dash!
rear facing in the front with airbag off is fine.

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 30/03/2023 21:53

Yes, turn off the airbag and push the seat back as far as possible.

We did this, we have a van.

BertieBotts · 30/03/2023 23:00

They won't hit the dashboard if they are in a properly fitted and adjusted car seat. Car seats sold in the UK have to pass testing so as long as there is more than 55cm between the backrest of the seat the child is on and the dashboard, the crash test dummy is not to go past that line.

The Eclipse is one that has a bit more play than most (just because it's an older model), so you do need to really kneel into the seat and pull the seatbelt really tight when you fit it, and pay attention to the proper position of the straps and avoid things like puffy winter coats. But as long as these things are all adhered to the child should not ever move past the 55cm "invisible line" and the dashboard will usually be further forwards than this. The airbag instructions usually also factor this distance into account - that's why some say to turn it off and some say to keep it on. You should consult the manual and not take a blanket decision, the only time it's a blanket recommendation is for rear facing seats.

Wrongsideofpennines · 30/03/2023 23:03

I would turn him rear facing and have the airbag off in the front. It's much safer to be rear facing, especially so young.

maryberryslayers · 30/03/2023 23:19

The only safe way to do it would be to turn him rear facing with the airbag off.

Join 'car seat safety uk' on FB for advice.

piedbeauty · 31/03/2023 10:41

You must deactivate the front passenger side airbags first.

See - and I would ring them for proper advice on your car and car seat.

(But goodness knows why you didn't just Google this yourself.)

mumtobee22 · 31/03/2023 19:02

Thanks everyone!!

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