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Car for a booster and 2 car seats

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ToshiSato · 27/02/2023 11:41

Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a car (Preferably 5 seater), that can accommodate a booster and 2 child seats in the back?
My children are 10, 6 and 20 months, i've only just passed my test and so never bought a car before so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

OP posts:
Petrolheadmom · 27/02/2023 16:01

Have you looked into Multimac? You can have any 5 seater you want and keep the boot space with one of their seats

BertieBotts · 27/02/2023 20:47

She would have to replace a multimac in 2 years as it only accommodates children up to 12yo.

ToshiSato · 28/02/2023 08:21

Thanks Petrolheadmom,

I did consider that, but as BertieBotts mentioned, i'd need to replace it in 2 years or once he gets to 135cm

OP posts:
Petrolheadmom · 28/02/2023 09:17

I’ve got a 13 year old sat in the end seat of mine! They have a plug in buckle that allows over 12s/small adults to sit on the end seats!! Honestly it’s been a game changer for us

alrightnowthen · 28/02/2023 09:21

I have a Citroen c4 Picasso. It has 3 full size seats in the back. I have 2 isofix car seats in each side and it still fits a slim high back booster seat between them. The boot is massive and it's very economical.

bluesky45 · 28/02/2023 09:47

Citroen c5 aircross - 3 full size adult seats in the back so can fit 3 car seats in. We've got one and like it, very spacious and comfy

ToshiSato · 28/02/2023 11:18

Thank you @alrightnowthen and @bluesky45! The C4 Picasso and C5 Aircross look like they will be suitable. Really appreciate the advice!

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paulacevedo · 01/03/2023 20:07

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