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2 car seats in a work van

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Avam19 · 07/02/2023 03:31

Our second child is due to be born in a few weeks. Whilst we’re ok for transport during my mat leave, we need a van that can fit 2 child seats in it when I’m back at work. Husband is a dog walker so needs space for cages/dogs in the back but a low height van to get in car parks etc.

Does anyone have a van that fits 2 child seats in it that they can recommend please? We’ve tried a Citroen Berlingo with 3 seats up front but there wasn’t enough space for both car seats.

OP posts:
IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 07/02/2023 03:39

Do you also need to fit 2 adults?

Avam19 · 07/02/2023 06:59

No it’s just for 2 child seats. We’ll need space for an infant seat and space for a child in a high back booster. We have the smallest car seats we can find so can’t make those any smaller.

OP posts:
Simonjt · 07/02/2023 07:07

We have a transit tourneo and two seats fit in the front, ours is 198.4cm, so it does fit most carparks, it has a pop top which makes it a bit taller than most transit vans.

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