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Problems with Silver cross simplicity

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Clare1414 · 19/01/2023 13:40

Hi I’m hoping for some advice or info on experiences of others with the silver cross simplicity infant carrier/car seat. I find mine so difficult to use, I don’t seem to be able to get the straps tight enough (manual says u should only be able to get two fingers under the straps when tightened), the straps are very often uneven too. Often the straps seemed too tight over his wee hips but too loose up top or one strap looser than the other. It’s causing so much anxiety now cus I don’t think my baby is safe in it (he is 3 months) & I just want to stop taking him out in the car.
Just want to see if anyone else has found it difficult or if it’s just me and I’m doing something wrong! 😕 thanks

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