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bigbaggyblue · 04/12/2022 15:52

I can't find anything online to help with which car seats are compatible with which travel systems. We have decided on the Joie I-spin car seat and hopefully either the iCandy Peach 7 or the M&Ps Ocarro pushchair. I don't suppose anybody out there knows if this is a pairing that would work? Thank you 😀

OP posts:
trevthecat · 04/12/2022 15:53

I'm pretty sure that car seat is only for the car and can't go on a travel system at all

BertieBotts · 10/12/2022 11:25

Trev is right - that's a 0-4 years car seat, they are designed to stay in the car. It's only the carry type, infant only car seats (up to approx 1 year) that can be used as part of a travel system. The 0-4 year seats are too heavy.

Duplocrocs · 10/12/2022 11:29

Unless you get the maxi cosi pebble or similar it won’t click to a pushchair. The 360 spin ones are great but stay in your car and id recommend one of those with the newborn insert. Then only need to buy one car seat and the amount of times you actually uncoil the car seat to the pushchair will likely be minimal

Fleabea · 15/12/2022 18:34

We have got the joie ispin 360 and it is not a lift away car seat, it is designed to remain in the car at all times. This means you cannot use it with any pram however this does mean that the car seat lasts until the baby is bigger (upto 4 years old) so you don't have to buy another car seat once baby gets bigger. We made the deliberate decision to get the joie ispin instead of a pram compatible car seat for this reason as we don't tend to drive much and therefore did not think we would get much use for the money for having a pram compatible car seat. There are also limits on how long a baby is meant to stay in a car seat for which is worth bearing in mind. Completely down to personal choice and what works for you and your budget - the maxi cosy pebble would have been our choice of car seat if we did a pram compatible one.

We chose the icandy peach for a pram and have assembled it last night- it looks beautiful!

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