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Moving on from first car seat

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CP7766 · 14/11/2022 20:32

We have used a maxi cosi pebble for our baby who is now 7 months old. Although she doesn’t need to move up yet, I’m going to keep an eye out in Black Friday incase any good deals come about.

At this point, do we go for something like an isize 360 which should last until about 4 or something that’ll last longer? Any recommendations on car seats to look at?

Thank you

OP posts:
SuperstarDJsherewego · 14/11/2022 20:35

What centile is she on? If she’s likely to hit 18kg before 4 then have a look at 25kg rear facing seats, these are not isofix.
if she’s not going to get to that weight then is there a maxi cosi that fits in your pebble base? I had a Pearl that my toddler is in, he will fit til he is about 3 as he’s big and will then go into his sisters old britax max way which is 25kg rear facing seat.
I’ve bought from winstanleys pramworld and Bournemouth baby centre before who are good. There’s also the in car safety centre in Milton Keynes! I’ve just got a high back booster for my eldest in the Amazon Black Friday early sales at 40% off, I needed 2 so was very happy!

BadTeethBoy · 14/11/2022 20:43

I did joie 360. It spins around making it easier to put them in, and can continue to rear face until it’s safe to forward face. It’s also got isofix which I wanted :)

CP7766 · 14/11/2022 21:16

@SuperstarDJsherewego I actually have no idea of her weight now - she’s not been weighed since the early days! She was 50th centile then but she wasn’t very old at all. I’ll try and weigh her tomorrow and see.

The base we have for our maxi cosi is an old style one and it doesn’t seem their new car seats fit it unfortunately. It’s called an isofix two way. I’ll double check that though. Thanks for the advice!

OP posts:
reallyjustwantgin · 14/11/2022 22:51

Hi OP. We used the maxi cosi pebble with the two way isofix for our son. When it came to the next seat up, the only option was the Pearl. No other seat fit the two way base. I wish I'd researched that a bit better when we got the pebble but we weren't thinking past the first seat!

We got the Pearl as we have 2 cars and alternate with pick ups and drop offs. At the time, it was too expensive to replace both isofix bases. The Pearl has been great. We got it about 2.5 years ago so I don't know if options will have changed since then.

If I had my time again I'd defo go for a seat that rotates round.

SuperstarDJsherewego · 15/11/2022 19:18

We have the 2 way Pearl, it’s a nice seat have only used rear facing. Do they still make it?
Swivel ones always get good reviews but my babies are too big so need the ERF seats!

CP7766 · 16/11/2022 06:46

@SuperstarDJsherewego @reallyjustwantgin the pearl would be the obvious answer but they no longer make it to fit that base! So even if I went for it, I’d have to buy a new base called ‘family fix’ annoyingly. So I might aswell look into all options.

OP posts:
Itsonlyagame · 16/11/2022 07:01

You need to check both height and weight centiles. If she is likely to reach 105cm or 18kg before 4 you would need a 25kg seat.

Georgia3H · 16/11/2022 10:43

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Crunchingleaf · 16/11/2022 13:51

There are plenty of RF spin seats that don’t need a separate base.
Look at Britax Dualfix, Joie Spin.
We recently got a maxi cosi mica eco isize for my husband’s car. My husband has a bad back and wanted a spin seat for his car. Our lad is on 15th percentile for height and weight so we should get to the four mark.
He is still in his pebble pro isize in my car. I am hoping he hits 9kg before his baby brother arrives in February so I can pop him into a 25 kg ERF seat in my car.

Mummyof287 · 16/11/2022 14:31

I would recommend a spin rear facing isofix if you are able to afford it (I do appreciate they're not the cheapest option) The cybex sirona is a fantastic seat that we have had for both our girls.Iy is I size and has very good side impact protection, and reclines well.

Caspianberg · 16/11/2022 15:15

We have the maxi cosi mica. It’s basically the maxi cosi Pearl but with fixed isofix base so good value as you don’t have to buy separately. We have used from newborn until now at 2.5 years. Ds is tall but has plenty of space in it still. Hopefully until 4.

It will probably go down to £200 mark in sales

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