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Advice on New Car Seat for 3 Year Old

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planty87 · 04/09/2022 21:18

Hi All,

We have a 3 year old who is currently in a Joie Spin 360 and forward facing. The top of her head is now pretty much level with the top of the headrest at its highest setting so thinking she may need a new seat?

She is approaching 13.5kg so nowhere near the minimum for a Group 2/3 so was looking at Group 1/2/3 (Joie Elevate) to cover all bases but not sure?

Not sure its a good idea to get a different Group 1 for such a short period either so not sure what to do?

Any suggestions much appreciated

OP posts:
pogostickplastique · 04/09/2022 21:51

Joie bold was the one with the best safety and longevity I found. Especially for 5 point harness

BertieBotts · 05/09/2022 21:57

She can stay in it until her eyes are level with the top. It's only head level with the top for infant carriers. So she'll have a bit more time in it yet.

But yes, if you want more height out of a seat you'd look for one with a 25kg limit harness, like the Joie Bold. Although she doesn't need the extra weight capacity, it sounds like she'll need the height to get her to a better age and weight to booster.

The Joie Elevate does have more height in the harness than the Joie 360, but it's quite a basic, flimsy seat and it doesn't fit securely in a lot of cars so I'd be reluctant to look at it unless you don't have top tether - then you might not have much of a choice, unless you're willing to look at rear facing seats.

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