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Car seats for bigger babies

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Mariafwhite · 17/08/2022 08:26

My son was born at 12lbs. He’s 3 months old and over 20lbs and I’m struggling to find a car seat that fits him thats suitable for his young age. Does anyone know if any brands do a “bigger baby” range or something?? 🙈
I currently have the maxi cosi pebble but it’s tight around his shoulders and that’s with no inserts.

The caveat is that it needs to be compatible with a Iccle Bubba pram base.

Car seats for bigger babies
OP posts:
dementedpixie · 17/08/2022 09:40

You'd probably be best with an extended rear facing seat that stays in the car and then using the pram itself rather than fitting the carseat onto it

AssumethePerpendicular · 17/08/2022 09:42

He’s gorgeous, congratulations! I agree he’s going to need a 25kg seat to keep rear facing long enough. The axkid ones are always highly rated. Are you anywhere near an in car safety centre? I’d avoid Halfords as they don’t sell the 25kg seats.

HOTHotPeppers · 17/08/2022 09:47

Are you sure you've removed all the inserts? My DS fit in his Pebble until he was 2 and my DD still uses her Cabriofix at 13 months. I'd definitely recommend the Axkid when he's a little older but he won't be old enough to sit in that yet. My 91st centile (height) DS was tall enough at 11 months and DD just fits in it now.

Itreallyistimetogo · 17/08/2022 09:50

He should have no trouble in an infant carrier at that weight. Often they have removable inserts that you can take out bit at a time. What makes you think he doesn't fit? Legs can go over the end of the seat as long as his head is below the top of the seat.

Itreallyistimetogo · 17/08/2022 09:50

And absolutely Axkid or another 25kg seat next at that weight.

HOTHotPeppers · 17/08/2022 09:53

I've just remembered when I bought DD the Cabriofix, I chose this over the Pebble as these are now Isize so don't last as long so you could try a basic Cabriofix. But I still think at that age and size he should have no problem in his current car seat. Have you removed the wedge under his bum?

Mariafwhite · 17/08/2022 11:13

I checked the pebble and all removable bits are out. He’s long as well as weighty (no idea how he came out so big! 😂)

OP posts:
Mariafwhite · 17/08/2022 11:22

It’s more around his shoulders that’s the problem. I’ve taken all the inserts out but he’s obviously quite wide it seems.

OP posts:
Itreallyistimetogo · 17/08/2022 18:10

You could try sending a photo to maxi cosi via facebook and see what they say about the fit but I'd be very surprised if it is too small at that weight. DS was 99.8th centile weight and height and was in his infant carrier (joie Gemm) till 13kg.

BertieBotts · 21/08/2022 20:46

Car seats are meant to be snug, they should fit tight almost like a helmet for the whole body. That is for optimal crash protection. You don't want his shoulders to have space to move around.

There are some older styles like the original Cabriofix that don't have the same padding (Cabriofix would work with your pram too) and Cybex might also be worth an option (again, all Cybex seats use the same adapters) but honestly, I would just keep the one that you have. Take it to the shop you bought it from or any local baby shop, and get them to check it over/try out some of these models I've mentioned if you feel worried about it, but I expect they will say it's OK.

As others have said long term, your issue will be the limits on the standard sized next-stage seats, so it might be worth saving your money and research to look into what next-stage seat to get.

abbs1 · 21/08/2022 20:56

We have the joie i360 for newborn to 4yrs approx. Put both my babies in it from 3/4 months old as their head kept flopping in the maxi cosi silver cross one we had. They were aprrox 13-15lbs. They've worked really well for my son hes is now over 2yrs old and we just got one a month or so ago for our baby daughter. It tips back more and has a lot of supports you can remove and change extend etc as baby grows. Its rear facing for min age 15 months check weight and height etc but we love it!

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