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Silvercross Dream plus base - Audi A1

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ecossegirl91 · 14/06/2022 10:20

Hi there

Due my first baby this year and so been doing some pram research!
Have found a bundle deal which I am keen on which comes with the SilverCross Dream car seat & base. I currently drive an Audi A1 (not ideal car size I know but will make it work!) and so have been looking to see if the dream seat is compatible - and i have found conflicting info 😑see below:

this says yes:

so does this:

this says no....

anyone have any experience?
thank you for the help 😊

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 18/06/2022 17:41

Do you have any i-size points in your car? If so then you don't need to consult a fit list as the seat is guaranteed to fit. If you have a little "i" symbol next to the isofix points then it counts as an i-size seating position.

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