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Swivel car seat that can attach without the base or isofix

Zibidee · 12/03/2022 08:39

Does such a thing exist?
I need a car seat to bring baby home from the hospital in a taxi, and for use in taxi's while I recover from c-section so can't drive myself. So attachable just with seatbelt.
But I would love a swivel type one for once I am driving again.
My car doesn't have isofix so again, attached with seatbelt, but on a swivel base.
Is there a seat that can do all of this?

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BertieBotts · 13/03/2022 09:21

No, there isn't. You could get something like Cybex Cloud Z that you can attach just the seat with seatbelt, or use with swivel base but the base is isofix fitted. All of the swivel bases are.

There are some multi stage seats which are swivel, but again, most of these are isofix and they definitely aren't practical for taxis. While I have seen a few that have belt option, I'd steer clear of them as they tend to be lower quality "generic" type seats coming from China or Eastern Europe, and quite a few of them you'll find the spin doesn't even work when you're using the belt fitted mode which is a bit annoying.

There are a few brands of the infant carrier type baby seat that come with base where the base can be fitted with belt, but no swivel ones.

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