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Do I need to replace my car seats?

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LondonQueen · 24/01/2022 22:50

A few months ago I crashed my car, the car seats were in the car but thankfully my kids were at school/nursery. The car was a total write off as it was quite an impact. (about 50mph into a wooded area)
I have just read a post on facebook about car seats needing to be replaced after a crash as the structure can be weakened. Do I need to replace them even though they weren't in use? Panicking that they're not safeBlush

OP posts:
Footnote · 24/01/2022 22:51

Yes, you need to replace them.

Hugasauras · 24/01/2022 22:52

Yep. Insurance will probably cover it.

DoucheCanoe · 24/01/2022 22:53

Yes as there could be structural damage to the seat which may make it less safe/secure should an accident occur with your children in them.

TokenGinger · 24/01/2022 22:54

Yes, they need to be replaced. They're only good for one crash.

Blossom64265 · 24/01/2022 22:55

Yes. They need to be replaced immediately.

makingmiracles · 24/01/2022 22:56

Yes any impact could weaken the structure, invisible to the naked eye.

I wouldn’t risk my childrens safety/life over the price of a car seat, just not worth the risk and you’d never forgive yourself if they failed to save your children in another crash.
you can claim the cost from the car insurance, unless the claims been dealt with by now, in which case you’ll probably have to pay out for them yourself.

LondonQueen · 24/01/2022 22:56

Thanks guys! I had never heard of this until I read the post, I feel a bit naive now.

OP posts:
needasleep · 24/01/2022 22:57

Even if insurers have paid out. You can go back to them and they will reopen the file.

LondonQueen · 24/01/2022 22:59


Even if insurers have paid out. You can go back to them and they will reopen the file.

Good to know, thank you. I'll give them a ring in the morning and see if I can re open the claim. The cost of the car seats aren't the issue, I can't put a price on my children safety.
OP posts:
Yotrotro · 24/01/2022 23:00

Yes, as you won't know for sure the seats are still functional under the cover. Insurance will usually cover a token amount, enough to buy a cheaper seat but usually not enough for a well tested and safe seat. Best to ask for cash rather than vouchers, as that will help you have more choice of what to get next.

PurplePansy05 · 24/01/2022 23:00

I'm a bit confused why you thought they weren't in use? If they were in your car, they were in use and likely affected by the crash, isn't this obvious? It really doesn't matter your children weren't sat in them at the time. I am actually pretty shocked anyone would've considered them safe to use after this. Confused

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