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Next stage help please

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bookh · 17/08/2021 14:33

@BertieBotts you kindly helped me last year when toddler developed car sickness.

She is currently in maxi cosi assix fix. Reaching upper limit.

Still sick, forward or rear.

We are on a farm and I now need two seats. One for off road checking stock and one for my car. Field one can be a cheaper basic one, will get muddy. 5MPH round sheep and cows.

I'm looking at britax romer for my car to keep the five point harness for now. My understanding is it can go in the front, airbag off, if I need to. For example when she is sick and I'm on my own.

Graco junior for fields?

Am I missing a better option. Baby needs to move into toddler seat soonish. She's eight months now.

OP posts:
grey12 · 17/08/2021 14:36

Depending on their age, we got the Joie iTraver iSize. It's a huge difference to the massive heavy one we had before Grin

QforCucumber · 17/08/2021 14:36

We moved DS from the AssixFix to the Romer Evolva when he was about 3.5/4 I think.

14 month old has just gone into the AssixFix, both been fab car seats, DS1 is 5.5 now so belted rather than the harness and it was so easy to convert, great reviews and safety ones too - it seems much more 'enclosed' than its competitors.

bookh · 17/08/2021 14:40

Thank you both

@grey12 I don't think it has a five point harness does it?

@QforCucumber yes she is just 3 but correct height and weight. DH very tall. She looks more like a four year old. Helpful thank you. She had been in pearl but I hated that and got the assix when pregnant with baby 2.

OP posts:
grey12 · 17/08/2021 15:10

No. It's seatbelt only, it's for my eldest (started using it at 4.5yo). At that age the car seat we have with all the bells and whistles actually says to start using the seatbelt!

I was giving it as an option because it's supposed to be good and it's so much lighter and easier than the previous.......

How old is your DC1?

bookh · 17/08/2021 15:17

@grey12 thank you yes, is an option. She's a tall 3. Correct height for next stage.

Lighter certainly something to look forward to!

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 25/09/2021 18:33

Hi sorry, only just seeing this as I was actually in labour when you wrote your first post :o

Which Britax seat are you looking at for your car? Britax Romer is just the full brand name. But they don't have any seats which harness (much) longer than the Axissfix. Is she outgrowing it in height or weight? Britax Advansafix might be worth a look - it's top tether, harness to 18kg (or 21kg with the i-size version) and harness tends to be a tiny bit taller than Maxi Cosi seats, so might see you through until she's OK in a seatbelt if you think 6-12 months is all you need, but it won't last long. The plus is that it transforms into a really good booster seat.

If you think you need longer then I'd look at Joie Bold. You could harness right up to 25kg in that if you wanted to as the height capacity is there, although most people don't need anywhere near 25kg for harnessing. Then it transforms into an okay booster seat.

If she's 3 it would be a case of whether you're happy for her to go without a harness now. Some children are fine with this, but 3 is very young - I wouldn't trust my 3yo with a seatbelt yet. 5mph on fields - probably doesn't really matter, but the Joie booster seats are also low cost and more comfortable than the Graco.

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