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Newborns head squished in Joie igemm2 car seat

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JoFranks01 · 28/07/2021 06:00

Hi everyone, does anyone else have the Joie igemm 2 car seat? I purchased it before LO was here and he's now 3 weeks old. Put him in it a few times, but every time his head has been squished forward. It seems like his head is far forward and too close to his neck, it's the harder headrest that seems to be pushing him forward. We've moved the headrest in to differnt positions but then it makes it worse as theres a gap under his shoulders. Not sure what we're doing wrong!

Just as a side note, LO does have a larger head!! I wondered yesterday if this was causing the problem!

Anyone else got the car seat and used it for a newborn?!

OP posts:
orangejuicer · 28/07/2021 06:02

Is there an insert which you need to remove?

JoFranks01 · 28/07/2021 06:13

I've kept the newborn insert in there as he's still small. Even if I removed it, his head would be even further forward as there would be a huge gap between the headrest bit and the actual seat, if that makes sense?

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 28/07/2021 06:24

I am not familiar with this car seat, but us your baby too small fir it maybe? Figs 20 and 21 here show that the headrest should meet the baby’s shoulders. Have you moved the headrest to its lowest position?

BertieBotts · 28/07/2021 06:44

It's a common issue with all the Joie gemm car seats. They keep saying they have improved it with each new model but they all look the same shape to me.

There's not really anything you can do other than get a different car seat or wait until your baby is bigger.

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