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Which car seat out of these ?

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surreymum89 · 25/06/2021 12:11

Looking for a new infant car seat for baby due at beginning of August-

I think all are pretty safe and reputable brands.

Bugaboo turtle air by Nuna- simple base light weight, great sun shade.

Maxi cosi Pebble 360- looks good but is 360 really necessary/that useful on an infant car seat?

Maxi cosi coral- seems great but in theory how much would I remove the insert as opposed to putting the whole car seat on the frame to pop in a shop for 5 mins , so I have free hands.

Any recommendations out of the above?


OP posts:
surreymum89 · 25/06/2021 12:13

Seem great in theory but*

OP posts:
teaandlotusbiscoff · 26/06/2021 10:52

Yes all are reputable brands as you say. With the Maxi Cosi 360 it is a somewhat gimmick as usually you put the baby in the seat while in the house, or can detach the car seat from the base and turn it to the side anyway (then click it back in after strapping baby in). The only thing is if you were to get the second stage seat then you would be able to swivel it as opposed to other modular seats which cannot (though most toddler seats do not require a base anyway!)

Again with the coral, it is a great seat with good safety ratings but somewhat gimmicky. They do sell a strap that can be attatched to the insert allowing you to ‘wear’ baby. There’s also a 360 version but as above same things apply. Though with the coral 360 it might be useful to spin it to the side to take the infant insert out but again, somewhat gimmicky and more expensive. Yes you are right in that you’d have to attach the whole coral seat to the buggy to use it, though in America they have an adaptor for the inner carrier to attach it to a pram Confused which somewhat makes more sense

BertieBotts · 27/06/2021 09:42

The 360 function isn't a huge help with an infant carrier but is very useful for the next stage up if you think you'll get the next stage up seat for the same base. However, it can be cheaper just to buy a totally separate rotating toddler seat which comes with its own base so I always question the value of these sets. Also, if your baby turns out to be big for their age then you may want to skip the next-stage seat and get one which goes up to 25kg instead, none of these fit on a base.

The other advantage of the Pebble/Coral 360 though as opposed to the normal Maxi Cosi seats is it has a higher height limit and the seat itself is a bit more lightweight.

surreymum89 · 29/06/2021 20:44

Thanks both , didn't really consider the cost effectiveness of the 360 seats is based of the base being used for the next size up swivel seat as well because we won't need that my youngest will be 3 in November and we currently have 360 car seats for her in both cars that should go up to age 4 and then be used for baby when he goes up to the next seat.

So I suppose it worth looking for something safe and simple and not spending extra money on a swivel base /gimmicky seat that will only be used for around a year anyway .

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 29/06/2021 21:24

What about one of the ones that reclines? These are popular and there are a few options now - Cybex Cloud Z, Maxi Cosi Marble, Joie i-Level, Nuna Arra.

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