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Cybex cloud z and Oyster3

3 replies

ALC21 · 28/05/2021 16:37

Does anyone have the oyster 3 and attach a Cybex cloud z carseat to the pram?

The shop have told me that itll fit but it hasnt been safety tested ๐Ÿค” looking to see if anyone has had any problems with this combo. X

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1boo1 · 28/05/2021 16:45

That's the combo we are getting, yes it fits you just need a different adapted which should come with your bundle

BertieBotts · 29/05/2021 11:35

It will be fine, you don't need it to be safety tested.

ALC21 · 29/05/2021 11:53

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š I did wonder because I have seen it advertised in a couple of places. I just dont want it to void any warrenty or anything. X

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