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Chicco Kiros Isize - Warning from ADAC

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fuckyouRW · 16/04/2021 12:28

From a face book group CSFTL UK -

'Safety Notice: ADAC's spring results are due out in May, but one seat failed their test so badly that they have already put out a warning to stop using it. The Chicco Kiros i-Size infant seat detached from the base in both frontal and side impacts. If you have this seat, please stop using the base. It's safe to continue using it with a seatbelt install. It will be up to Chicco to clarify if this is an issue with all of the Kiros i-Size seats, or if it was a batch production issue. If you haven't registered your car seat yet, do so now to receive any information regarding potential recalls from Chicco.'

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