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Group 2/3 for Renault Clio ?

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Cantwait4summer · 11/03/2021 17:49

hi we have the Clio- according to car manual it doesn't advise using isofix for this car seat group 2/3 but ok for other groups - so wondering for those Clio owners have you used isofix car seats for this group ? or recommend a good safe non isofix high back booster car seat please ? Little one has outgrown Joie stages ! thanks

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ohhmygosh · 11/03/2021 18:14

Oh I don't get that, although I have switched cars from my clio, but used two iso fix seats in it that didn't require a tether. Does it have a rear tether required for the larger seat? If you open the boot it's a metal piece a clip can attach to on the rear of the back seats, that give extra support.

We have infrababy, iso fix one of the group 123 seats, although have only used it with the baby harness removed, so using the seat belt. It's fine for the price and I found it hard to find iso fix older seats.

ohhmygosh · 11/03/2021 18:15

Sorry...The infrababy is iso fix with rear tether

BertieBotts · 11/03/2021 18:18

For high backed booster seats using the adult seatbelt to restrain the child, the isofix is always optional - you can usually fold it away or tuck it into the seat. So you can use any high backed booster seat, even if it's an isofix one.

How odd though, I wonder why they don't advise using it? It doesn't have a safety function for this group of seats as such, but it does help stabilise the seat and prevent it from becoming a projectile if it's not being used and you have a crash.

Is it an old car? Maybe it's worth asking Renault if they still advise this or whether the manual is outdated.

Cantwait4summer · 11/03/2021 22:03

thanks all x I will check all.that out ! yes it does seem odd about not using isofix

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