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Axkid move - don't know where to tether

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EezyOozy · 25/02/2021 20:36

Hi all, I've just bought a secondhand Vauxhall Zafira and I'm trying to fit my axkid move car seat into one of the middle row seats (behind the driver's seat). I've done the first bit but I'm at the point of trying to tether it to the rails of the driver seat ... and it doesn't seem to be possible. The rails are like a c-shape (turned on it's side) and a tight to the floor. There aren't any tethering hooks on the floor itself .... any advice on how to tether is appreciated. We only recently bought this car seat and it was £££ so would like to make it work. If I don't have any luck tonight I'll contact the company I bought it from... would rather sort it tonight though! Thanks

Axkid move - don't know where to tether
Axkid move - don't know where to tether
Axkid move - don't know where to tether
OP posts:
Boringnamechanging · 25/02/2021 20:58

I've got very low rails and managed to use the underwire of a bra to push the tethers under them (I have the minikid) I do not remove them and keep meaning to buy a spare set incase I need to put the seat in another car.

EezyOozy · 25/02/2021 21:04

Thank you-that's really good advice. I've just given it a quick try with a spatula and they are so tight to the floor and the loop end of the tether strap is quite thick and it just would not go through. I think I might have to have some tether d-rings installed!!

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 27/02/2021 12:10

You can also tether through the front seat itself, if this isn't too late. Here's an article with some suggestions and demonstrations.

Nearlythere39 · 16/05/2021 15:40

Also some YouTube videos from rearfacingtoddlers have help for tethering x

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