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Car seat with buggy 12m+

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Albta · 24/11/2020 10:27

Does this exist!?
Looking for size up as about to grow out of his maxi-Cosi pebble plus - and have found it really useful for travelling (train / plane to taxi / hire car) to be able to fit car seat onto our buggy.

OP posts:
teaandlotusbiscoff · 24/11/2020 13:22

I don’t think there are any of these. I know Cybex cloud can last until almost 90cm so is long lasting but would be rather expensive for only a year!

Alternatively, which buggy do you have? If it has a large basket eg vista style you could put car seat in basket and carry on using pushchair as normal? If it’s a forward facing one, I’ve seen people in America tend to put the car seat in the actual buggy seat (no idea if this is safe or not Confused) and tie it around the back of the seat using a luggage strap

teaandlotusbiscoff · 24/11/2020 13:23

Also would recommend Joie tilt, rather lightweight and ERF

FoxtrotSkarloey · 24/11/2020 13:50

Wouldn't it be getting too heavy for the pram adapters by that age?

Cupoftchaiagain · 24/11/2020 13:55

I don’t know why this STILL doesn’t exist.
Various products that try with different shortcomings to meet this need - Doona car seat, there is a luggage trolley type gadget you can sit your seat on (I forget the name) sit n stroll maybe? And yes the classic luggage strap but your buggy won’t fold then. And looks v precarious. Will your baby definitely not still fit the infant carrier?

PrayingandHoping · 24/11/2020 13:57


Wouldn't it be getting too heavy for the pram adapters by that age?


My baby is 13 months and still fits in her Cybex icloud but I can't clip it onto the pram because it's now too heavy for the adaptors
teaandlotusbiscoff · 24/11/2020 14:15

I’ve seen people use the Two way elite as a backpack with the tether straps. Could be an option?

teaandlotusbiscoff · 24/11/2020 14:20

Photo of someone else using it that way

Car seat with buggy 12m+
teaandlotusbiscoff · 24/11/2020 14:21

Photo attached

Car seat with buggy 12m+
Albta · 25/11/2020 07:55

Thank you all!!

@teaandlotusbiscoff so do you use Joie tilt and clip it into buggy? I’ve looked it up and doesn’t seem to explicitly say you can!
Or are you just recommending it as a good seat?
I have messaged the retailer to ask

We have an icandy lime

@FoxtrotSkarloey @PrayingandHoping - stupid question - how do I know if it’s too heavy for the buggy adaptors? The ones we have seem very solid!

Unfortunately he’s already very long For his age and not showing any signs of slowing down - I think we will just have to get a compact one so that it can fit in the buggy basket (which our current one can)

OP posts:
PrayingandHoping · 25/11/2020 07:59

@Albta the manufacturer website will tell u the weight restrictions

Ours are v solid too but only take 13kgs and that's car seat + baby

teaandlotusbiscoff · 25/11/2020 08:36

No, no second stage seats attach to the pushchair. But it’s lightweight and small so likely to fit in the basket Smile

As you said he’s long for his age, the Joie tilt has a short shell which means he’ll likely outgrow it at around ~2.5-3, which you feel may be too young for a booster seat. In which case the two way elite would be better as it can take children up to 25KG/and is better for tall babies and toddlers

BertieBotts · 29/11/2020 22:33

It doesn't exist yet because the regulations didn't (until recently) allow for any graduation between a seat that goes up to 13kg (fitting roughly a 1yo) or a seat that goes up to 18kg (fitting roughly a 4yo).

In order to get something that passes crash testing and can safely contain a 4yo who is much bigger than a 1yo, you need something relatively sturdy, even the "lightweight" ones weigh about 5/6+kg.

Then you've got to work out some way to attach it to a pram chassis, which isn't a simple ask. And this way to attach can't interfere with the mechanism for fixing it into the car. Very few pram chassis(es?) are going to cope with 24+ kg of weight attached to whatever small attachment they have for the pram seat which needs to be removable for folding, even if you invented a new kind of car seat adapter - it would still need to fit into the same slot. A car seat with wheels like the Doona might be more practical. I think there's one like this in the US actually, you pull it behind you like a suitcase on wheels.

And then in order for it to be useful, you've got to put a carry handle on it - most parents are seriously struggling with their baby's infant carrier by the time they are about 8-10kg, let alone a giant 18kg four year old with legs everywhere. It just wouldn't be practical (nor can I imagine a carry handle strong enough!) I couldn't carry my 13kg 2yo in anything, I don't think. I can carry him alone but trying to carry him + 6kg of car seat from a single handle would be really unwieldy. Maybe if it had two handles, like a laundry basket :o

Now that the newer regulation R129/i-size is out, you can make car seats with in between weight/height limits, so it might be possible we'll see in the next few years something that goes up to say age 2 or 3 with perhaps a 15kg weight limit (like the majority of pushchairs) or a 13kg seat that isn't a reclined infant carrier. That would be interesting. I think it would likely be quite a niche market, though, so it might not be economically worth it.

BTW, it's quite unlikely you'd breach any weight limit using a current 13kg limit infant car seat on a pushchair adapter, as most puschairs are rated up to either 15kg or 22kg (plus pushchair seat weight), which is definitely going to be heavier than a 13kg infant + infant carrier.

BertieBotts · 29/11/2020 22:36

What you could get is a Maxi Cosi Citi or Cabriofix, Joie Gemm or Cybex Aton M - these are all infant seats like your current one, same pushchair adapters, all around £100 or less, but have a much bigger space for the baby's head to expand and don't have the 75cm height limit, which I think is really low, as the Pebble does.

I would probably get her a bigger seat such as the Pearl Pro 2 or a 25kg ERF one for everyday use but for travel, one of these options might do better.

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