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Costatto all in all vs RAC 360?

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Juney123 · 27/09/2020 21:49

Any idea which one is better? Safety, crash testing, shock proof etc?

DD, 9 months 11.16kgs is about to outgrow her cosatto port, so needing a new one and these suit our price range best.

I know cosatto seem to have an awful name but these two look pretty safe and sturdy but before buying want to know others views.

Also, do these come with iso fixes?

OP posts:
Elbowgreaseneeded · 27/09/2020 22:09

I don't know anything about those seats but if you want a spin carseat then the joie 360 or britax romer dualfix are great and they are very highly tested and come with the isofix. You can often get them on deals as well so it might be worth hanging on for a month or so and shopping around.

If your baby is quite big though it would probably be worth getting a 25kg extended rear facing seat as the spin seats are only up to 18kg so you'll need to buy another carseat in a few years time again.

BertieBotts · 29/09/2020 20:44

Neither of those, sorry! They do terribly in third party crash tests. The Cosatto infant seats are OK but the others aren't great.

They do come with the isofix built in, most spin seats do :)

For around this price range (About £200? There are various versions of the All in All) with similar features, I would recommend:

Joie 360 Spin
Cybex Sirona S
Britax Dualfix 2 R

Will you predominantly be using your next seat rear facing or forward facing?

Another note - as PP mentions, 11.6kg at 9 months is quite big. It's likely that your DD will outgrow the ability to rear face and use a harness in these seats at about the age of two and a half, even though they say you can use the harnessed/rear facing mode to about 4 years. Two is much too young to move to a high backed booster with just a seatbelt, so bear in mind if you choose a seat like this, you'll need to replace it when she outgrows it with something longer lasting. You might want to simply go for something longer lasting straight away, in which case I would recommend something which can be rear facing at least for now.

Seats in your price range which will last her longer (up to about age four and a half) - bear in mind you will need top tether in your car to use the two options here which can eventually forward face.

Britax Max Way
Diono Radian 5
Axkid Move
Britax Multi Tech 3
BabyAuto Dupla

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