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Where to check car seat fitting?

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LadyPenelope8 · 20/09/2020 12:40

My nearly 3 yo is in a cybex sirona (rear facing) seat that hasn't been adjusted since it was first fitted. With the baby seat, I used to be able to pop into Mothercare where I bought both from and staff would check if anything needed adjusting, the newborn insert taking out or the cushions on either side of baby's head needed raising for example.

I thought John Lewis or Halfords might do the same, but would they, if the seat wasn't purchased from them?

I've had a google but can't seem to find specific car seat safety places locally. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to go, or how to check yourself?

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Cluckycluck · 20/09/2020 12:56

Join the Car Seat Advice UK page on Facebook. The group admins are all trained and will be able to advise you from photos. Alternatively, contact Cybex and they should be able to advise on fit.

LadyPenelope8 · 20/09/2020 19:27

I'm not on Facebook, shame as that sounds good! Will have to try cybex, just a shame no one can take a quick look

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BertieBotts · 20/09/2020 20:13

Contact Cybex with photos and they will let you know if it's OK. I would also recommend to read your manual, as the instructions for things like when to take out inserts and how to raise the headrest will be in there :)

For a 3yo assuming the seat was fitted when she was about 1, the headrest will almost certainly need moving up. The cushions beside her head should be above her shoulders, no more than 1-2 fingers higher, touching is also OK, but her shoulders shouldn't be trying to squash in between them. You adjust the headrest on the Sirona by feeling for a little button just under the headrest and pressing that, which should release the headrest to slide up and down. You can then find the most comfortable position for her. The harness straps will adjust with the headrest - if they are coming out of the seat above her shoulders, they are too high. Level or just below is fine. I expect you wouldn't have any inserts in which you need to remove for her.

Mostly car seat fitting events aren't running at the moment due to COVID, but you can try Good Egg Car Safety, who run clinics, and Car Seat Libraries UK (I know they are on hiatus until at least next Spring).

I would also recommend you look for a local independent specialist. The In Car Safety Centre is the most well known - they will advise on any car seat even those not bought from then, if I recall correctly. They have 3 locations in the UK. You could try one of the specialists listed here as well. I expect they would be less likely to advise but perhaps if you buy something (they are small businesses) and ask nicely, explain you used to have this service from Mothercare and hint that you'll obviously be looking for the next seat once she's outgrown this one, I expect they would probably have time to help. That would also help you out as it means you have somewhere to go in the future who are better trained/informed than Halfords.

You can also try emailing [email protected] who are one of the organisations who run the FB groups. They are an American organisation, but if you specify that your query is in relation to an EU/UK seat, they do have EU-trained staff there too.

I'm also happy to have a look if you want to PM photos to me, but obviously that's not quite the same as being there in person!

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