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Axkid Move or Brittax max way - which is easiest to install?

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Minzz · 08/09/2020 14:14

Sorry if this has been asked before! I did have a look through previous posts 😄

I’m deciding between the Axkid Move and Britax Max Way after baby’s infant seat and just wondering which is easiest to install and move to another car if needed?

Also does one have better legroom than other? And which has a good recline

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
thismeansnothing · 09/09/2020 13:49

I was literally in a shop umming between these 2 models yday. We went for the axkid move. Had it delivered this morning so once it's in the car I'll report back :)

BertieBotts · 09/09/2020 16:36

These kinds of seats can be installed with various levels of leg room and recline so it's a bit how long is a piece of string :) I believe the Max Way is more compact. You do have better side impact protection on the Axkid, though. Britax can also be fussy about the fit list so it might be worth checking if your car is on it.

If you look on Axkid's website you can locate local stockists, most shops who have the Axkid seats are likely to have the Britax Max Way as well, but you could also send a quick email/phone to the store and check.

thismeansnothing · 09/09/2020 17:00

I watched th Video on Rear Facing Toddlers but I can say the axkid move is a doddle to install. I did it with zero help from DH in about ten mins (but was my first go) biggest faff was how to tie the tethers cos the bars are carpeted over in my car but I sussed it.

We've got it set to recline. It's either that or upright. There's a block on the foot end that lifts up to tilt it once it's in place. DD is nice and cradled and nodded off and didn't flop forward like elder DD did in her old car seat. Plenty of leg room and as she grows you can move the it a bit further back on the rear seat so it over hangs a bit and this gives another inch or 2.

So yerr I'm happy with it :)

Minzz · 09/09/2020 23:03

Thanks for getting back to me 😊 it’s hard to decide without seeing and trying out the car seats. Your advice is much appreciated!

OP posts:
thismeansnothing · 10/09/2020 15:48

Oh I know. I've been in a flap about having to buy one for a while. Luckily we got to a shop and they could show us on their Rigs but it's not quite the same as seeing and having a go in your own car.

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