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Uppababy Vista with Recaro Zero 1 Elite car seat

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firsttimemama6 · 04/06/2020 15:50

Hi, we were advised that our new car seat (Recaro Zero 1 Elite) would fit our pram (Uppababy Vista) as long as we bought the correct adaptors which I believe are the Recaro Zero 1 Elite adaptor and the Uppababy Upper adaptor. However they don't seem to fit and we are unsure where we are going wrong. Does anyone have experience with these products? Many thanks

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teaandbiscuitsforme · 05/06/2020 08:50

You don't need the uppababy upper adapters. Those are only for when you have it set up as a tandem.

Try putting your recaro adapter onto the car seat adapters that come with the Vista. That is how you would attach a maxi Cosi car seat normally so I'm pretty sure that how you attach your car seat adapter.

BertieBotts · 05/06/2020 15:44

You need the Maxi-Cosi/universal car seat adapters for the Zero 1 Elite.

If you've bought something specifically called "Recaro Zero 1 Elite adaptor" it's probably for use with Recaro pushchairs, I think it should just go into the maxi cosi adapters without an interim one. That's based on most of the adapters in this document being Maxi-Cosi ones:

In fact that says you need Adapter Uppababy 0254 (UB0074) - that's 100% a maxi cosi adapter.

Can we have a pic of the adapters you have?

Although this is American and the Cruz, these are the right adapters and how it should look:

firsttimemama6 · 10/06/2020 15:33

Thanks very much and sorry for the slow reply. I have this Recaro adaptor which I've been told is correct (first picture).

Then I was advised to get the Upper Upperbaby adaptor in the second picture but it doesn't seem to fit. I'm really confused 😫.

Uppababy Vista with Recaro Zero 1 Elite car seat
Uppababy Vista with Recaro Zero 1 Elite car seat
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teaandlotusbiscoff · 10/06/2020 17:35

The upper adaptors will only work with the carrycot or seat. The car seat adaptors go on top of the upper adaptors (typically during double mode but can be used to give more “height” to the seat), or can be used alone. I think recaro should work with the universal/maxi Cosi adaptors, they used to be included with the pushchair when bought but I believe you have to but the adaptors separately now

december212 · 10/06/2020 18:03

I had a Recaro Citylife travel system and the Recaro adapter you have looks like it would fit onto that for attaching the car seat. The Recaro car seats use maxi cosi adapters on other Pram systems.

BertieBotts · 10/06/2020 18:11

OK your first picture is the one that's not the right adapter, I think. I believe that's what you need if you want to put the Recaro seat on the Recaro pram. Maybe hold onto it until you've tried the other adapter just to make sure! It might be that you need all three. The document I linked to is supposed to explain this bit it doesn't seem very clear to me.

The second picture is right, but you need something extra to go on top of that, the part #UB0074 from Uppababy. Also sold as maxi cosi adapter. That part that you have is just the bit that allows you to put something/anything on the top slot of the Uppababy.

teaandlotusbiscoff · 10/06/2020 19:09

Maybe try the adaptor you already have without the upper adaptor. Various websites do say that the revamp adaptor should fit on uppababy’s pushchairs but also bugaboos etc

teaandlotusbiscoff · 10/06/2020 19:09

Sorry meant reacaro not revampBlush

BertieBotts · 10/06/2020 19:15

You absolutely defo need the Maxi Cosi bit, because the document from Recaro's website says you do.

It will go:

Pushchair frame > Upper adapter > Maxi Cosi adapter > (Recaro adapter?) > Car seat.

Seems a bit nuts to me to have three different adapters just to put a car seat on but they have apparently tested it.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 10/06/2020 21:42

You don't want the upper adapter. That was incorrect advice from whoever has advised that. (I have this pram and used it as a tandem).

You need the car seat adapter that comes in the Vista box. Clip those on, then you put the recaro adapter on. Then attach your car seat.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 10/06/2020 21:43

Bertie might be right about your recaro adapter. Tricky to see from the box but you want the adapter that says it's suitable for Maxi Cosi adapters.

teaandlotusbiscoff · 10/06/2020 23:35

Appears they no longer include the adaptors with the purchase of pushchair.

The upper adaptors are only necessary for using it as a double. I believe the recaro adaptor fits on top of the maxi Cosi ones.

Uppababy Vista with Recaro Zero 1 Elite car seat
firsttimemama6 · 11/06/2020 11:17

Thanks so much all, you've been so helpful! I really appreciate it. I've ordered the Uppababy 0254 UB0074 and will see if that works and then return any other bits if they aren't necessary. Thanks again...hoping this is it and will work now Smile

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BertieBotts · 11/06/2020 11:42

Fingers crossed! Let us know :)

firsttimemama6 · 11/06/2020 12:25

Will do. These things are far too complicated with pregnancy brain. Thanks again :-)

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