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Newborn carseats compatible with Stokke Xplory v6

HighOnStilts · 22/02/2020 10:18

Wondering if anyone else has a Stokke Xplory V6 and what carseat you went with that's compatible? I haven't got a clue what to go for! I'm due 22nd of March and know we've not helped ourselves leaving it this late... 😦

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BertieBotts · 22/02/2020 12:41

The Stokke-branded car seat, which you can use without adapters IIRC, is made by Besafe, who are an extremely well regarded brand. So that's probably the simplest choice.

If you'd prefer to use a different brand, you can get Maxi-Cosi adaptors for about £40. Most car seat brands are compatible with Maxi-Cosi type adaptors so this enables you to use:

Axkid: Modukid Infant
Besafe: iZi Go Modular, iZi go X1
Cosatto: Dock
Cybex: Aton range, Cloud Z
Joie: Gemm, all range starting with "i-"
Maxi-Cosi: Pebble range, Rock, Cabriofix, Citi
Nuna: Pipa lite LX

If you don't know where to start I'd recommend visiting your nearest physical nursery specialist and seeing which of the above list they carry in-stock and trying them out in your car to see which fits the best, as in-car fitting is a really important part of car seat safety. You'll also get a feel for each seat and be able to try out things such as the harness adjustment and changing the inserts etc.

Or another approach is picking one or a few of the following features, which will narrow down your list.

High, known safety ratings overall
Good side impact protection
Lightweight seat
Lie-flat type seat/good back support for newborns
Option of isofix base for car
Option of car base which can be seatbelt fitted
Option for isofix base to also take the next type of seat up
Flight certification for use on airlines
Long lasting seat
Low budget
Bright colours
Easy adjust harness (as opposed to one you have to re-thread as the baby grows)
Natural materials/low pollutants

You can also get adaptors for Chicco seats, but I don't recommend Chicco as a brand, so I'd ignore that.

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HighOnStilts · 22/02/2020 14:18

@BertieBotts Thank you so much!! Unfortunately there are no places near me where I can get hands on with the carseats and we are also on a budget at the moment so will have to rely on the web! But I've noted all those carseats down and I will do some research, thank you for your advice, very helpful! 😊

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