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Car seat guidance - 0+ or 0+/1

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SurreyisSunny · 19/07/2019 14:37

I’m finding car seats very confusing. My main priority is safety.

Options either seem to be for up to 15 months which can be used as part of a travel system or up to 4 years which can be used both front and rear facing but not on a travel system (those that spin seem a good idea). Joie and Cybex do both and seem to have good reviews. Joie a lot more affordable but will buy the Cybex if recommended.

Questions therefore

  • how much did you use the travel system element if you had just 0+
  • I know it’s recommended for them to travel backwards until 4 but how long did your DCs last. Not sure they would like facing the seat when older.

Thanks in advance for any help
OP posts:
wwwwwwwwwwwwww · 19/07/2019 14:45

My child's going on three and still rearward facing. I found being able to clip onto a travel system very convenient. I think the ones that go all the way through probably work out cheaper.I don't have a spiny seat but can easily get my child in and out. I have the maxi cosi pearl. I think you really need to try them with your car as different seats suit different models. Also think about the size of your child. If they are big I'd go for something like the diono radian 5 that offers rearward facing for a high weight range.

Lazypuppy · 19/07/2019 14:50

We used the travel system one for about 9 months then bought a 360spin car seat from halfords which does rear and forward facing.

Dd is 18months and still rear facing, i think we should easily make it to 2 then we'll keep her rear facing until she starts getting upset and not enjoying car journeys then we'll turn her.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 19/07/2019 18:10

My eldest is nearly 4.5 and she rear faces in a 25kg seat. She won't forward face until she outgrows the seat because it's such a step down in safety to forward face. I won't take that risk.

I would suggest an infant carrier 0+/13kg initially. Then when your DC is 12-18mo look at the next car seat. The car seats that are suitable from birth to 18kg can easily be outgrown early by children who are heavier or taller than the 50th centile so it's better to buy an infant carrier then see whether you need an 18kg or a 25kg group 1 seat. An infant carrier doesn't have to be used on a pram, it can be fitted in the car permanently if you prefer that arrangement.

SurreyisSunny · 19/07/2019 19:22

Thankyou, interesting to hear they are still happy in rear facing. I’ve read so much safety guidance saying it’s best but have visions of a screaming DC

OP posts:
EmrysAtticus · 19/07/2019 19:25

DS is 3.5 and rear facing in a Britax Dualfix which spins. He is perfectly happy that way we just put the tablet in a holder on the head of the back seat and he watches his favourite programmes.

owlofathena · 21/07/2019 20:41

We have the kiddy evo lunafix car seat. It is a baby carrier and fixes onto a travel system but also has the added benefit of being able to lie flat both in the car and on the pushchair. It goes up to 13kg and my 21month old dd is still perfectly comfortable in it. To be honest we barely ever used it on the pushchair or to bring into the house but it is handy to have that option. We are now going to get a joie spin seat which goes up to 18kg rear facing (due second child who will need the baby seat).

BertieBotts · 22/07/2019 09:17

Not advice but useful info which may help.

You tend to get a better recline on the 0+ seats rather than the combination ones.

It is useful to be able to carry them around in the seat or get them sorted in the seat before you leave the house. And leave them in it if they are asleep. Yes - not great for safety, but OK as long as total length of time in seat (in and out of car) does not exceed 2 hours in one go (30 mins for first 4 weeks.)

We still decided on a 0+/1 for the next stage because I liked it better than any of the other options, and it wasn't any more expensive. DH miffed that "we could have used it from birth" I said yes, but you insisted on the "clicky thing" (car seat base/pushchair adaptor combo). We decided on one which can do forward and rear facing. I just wanted the chance to rear face longer than the infant carrier allows. I think after 2 or so I will probably be more laid back about FF and not mind so much, but I just wanted to keep our options open personally.

If you plan to have a second baby within 4 years, it's likely they will also need use of a 0+/1 seat at the same time - you get an extra 9-18 months' leeway (allowing for smaller gap without doubling up on car seats) or even longer if you decide OK - will move DC2 into 0+/1 seat, and buy 123 seat (booster with removeable harness) for DC1 at say 2.5/3ish. NB this also goes for those car seat bases which boast you can use for both car seat stages.

If you have a child who happens to be larger than average (unfortunately antenatal scans aren't a good predictor of this) and/or you want them in more protection than a booster seat longer than a Group 1 seat will allow (most children outgrow these at 3.5-ish - a child who is large for age, 2.5; only small-for-age children get past their fourth birthday) you may later want to buy an extended harness or extra-large rear-facing seat - these are worth purchasing immediately at the end of Group 0+ usage, rather than waiting for them to outgrow Group 1 and then getting a Group 2 EH/ERF, since all of these seats also cover Group 1 and are just as if not more expensive. Whereas any Group 0+ seat will fit all newborns (you might need a specially small one for a prem baby), delaying the point you decide on a Group 1 (which may include Group 0+) vs a Group 1/2.

Bear in mind if you want a base for your infant seat for convenience (click in and out of car, no fiddling with seatbelts) these are sometimes more expensive than the seat Confused I'd always recommend factoring in the cost of both parts, when comparing. Also in addition to the one base/two seats issue with 2 DC I mentioned before, most Group 1 seats don't need a separate base, just the ones that go with these one base/two seat systems - it is a marketing ploy to keep you loyal to that brand for Group 1.

Although i-size uses height limits rather than weight, all seats currently available still use the same rough categories for sizing, so it's useful to stick to the same terminology. 90% of car seats are outgrown by height/physical size before weight anyway so take the weight limits with a pinch of salt.

We have just moved DC2 up to a RF Group 0+/1 - he doesn't seem to mind at all, he has a much better view up there as the seat is higher. Little children are often more comfy RF because it means they have a place to rest their legs so they don't dangle over the edge and go to sleep. I always found it exciting to be "the wrong way" as a child.

Here's an album showing a child right at the limit of Group 1 in various rear facing seats, first all Group 0+/1 seats, and the last 2 are Group 1/2 ERF seats. Some have more leg room than others, but this is the top limit for the seats - most of them also have FF option so you could switch.

I think in hindsight I'd have got the cheapest infant carrier/base combo that is compatible with pushchairs (IIRC, Joie Gemm + Gemm base/i-base, but may vary if you find a good offer). Then I'd have used that for 6 months or so and looked into whether to change to a Group 0+/1 or Group 1/2 (if the latter, you need to use the infant seat to capacity).

One last point - not all 0+/1 seats are allowed to be used rear facing until age 4. When you are comparing seats checks this - an R44 certified seat will state that it can be used rearward-facing up to 18kg (but some have lower limits of 13kg or even 10kg) and an i-size seat will usually have a rear facing height limit of around 105cm, but some of them have a smaller height limit of about 86cm, which most children will reach by 18-24 months ish.

Sorry :o Way too much info as usual but hope some of it is useful... feel free to ask if you have more questions.

BertieBotts · 22/07/2019 09:36

Oh, the one we have just moved to is the Joie 360 GT. I've also borrowed a friend's Cybex Sirona so can compare, but not the spinning one. I'm happy with the Joie. I think Cybex is probably higher quality, but not as tall. Worth noting the original Joie 360 (not the i-spin) didn't do very well in independent safety testing for side impacts.

If you join the group Car Seat Advice UK on Facebook you can search old posts and find lots of info about different seats.

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