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Second hand Isofix?

3 replies

IntergalacticP · 28/03/2019 23:30


I understand that buying a second hand car seat is a no no for safety reasons. However I can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere as to whether or not there are any issues with using a second hand isofix base. Does anyone know?

OP posts:
Dramatical · 28/03/2019 23:39

Well it's the thing that secures the seat to the car, presumably it would be affected by crash damage just as a seat would.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 29/03/2019 07:07

Best advice - don't use second hand bases in case they have been in a crash and there is damage that you can't see. We were in a crash and there was no visible damage to either of my seats or the isofix base but you just don't know what might have been compromised so they all had to go.

However, if it's from somebody you know very well who you trust hasn't been in an accident, then you're probably ok. The test is whether you can be 100% confident that it hasn't even been in a tiny bump.

FinallyGotAnIPhone · 29/03/2019 07:13

I’ve only ever bought a second hand base. Wouldn’t even occur to me to buy a new one they are so dear.

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