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Car Seat Advice Needed

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SalopianSandancer · 05/02/2019 21:44


Our 8 month old daughter has just about outgrown her rear facing Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat.

When we purchased the Pebble it came as a bundle with an Isofix base and a Pearl car seat which is a forward facing car seat for babies from 9kg -18kg (which our daughter now is).

We are keen to move her up to the next car seat, but I have read online that babies using i-size car seats should now be rear facing until they are at least 15 months old. I don't believe the Pearl is an i-size car seat, but does this mean we should go out and buy one to keep her rear facing or are we safe to move her into the Pearl.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


OP posts:
dementedpixie · 05/02/2019 21:48

Pebble should be ok until 13kg I think. In what way is it too small?

gt84 · 05/02/2019 21:50

Hi, I sell car seats for a living so my first question would be (and please forgive me if you know all this already) in what way is your daughter growing out of the seat?
The pebble is suitable up to 13kg OR when baby’s head reaches the top of the back of the seat. If her legs hang over the end, that is fine.
So if she genuinely is growing out of the Pebble then she can go forward facing in the Pearl with the base you already have as long as she ways over 9kg and can sit unaided. However, rearward facing is the safest way to travel so if you can afford it you would be better off getting an extended rear facing seat that she can use up to around 4 years old

dementedpixie · 05/02/2019 21:52

I wouldn't put an 8 month old in a forward facing seat

gt84 · 05/02/2019 21:52

Just to add, double check it is the “Pearl” you have and not the “2 way Pearl” as I do see a lot of customers who don’t realise there is a difference and the 2 way would solve all your issues here :)

xsahm · 05/02/2019 21:53

Are you sure she's outgrown the pebble, 8m seems very early. We had a pebble and my 91 percentile DS stayed in it until around 14-5 months iirc. A quick look online says you can use the pebble up to 13kg (12-15m) so why would you move her now?

gt84 · 05/02/2019 21:56

I wouldn’t either tbh but if the op already has the Pearl and perhaps can not afford another then legally she can use it as long as baby weighs over 9kg. I did say rearward is safer :)

eurochick · 05/02/2019 21:56

My daughter was in the Pebble until around 15 months quite comfortably. Then we moved her into the two way Pearl. She stayed rear facing until three and a bit.

MamaHechtick · 05/02/2019 21:57

Have you taken the wedge out of the pebble?

I ask as my DS is a 99.9th centile child and fitted into the pebble until just before his first birthday.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 05/02/2019 22:11

Have you removed all the inserts and made sure you've pulled her bum right down into the seat? 8mo is very young to outgrow a Maxi Cosi as they're quite big seats.

I agree with other posters - please don't put her forward facing. Rear facing until at least 4 is the safest option, even 15mo is very young. If she has outgrown the Pebble and you can't afford to buy another new seat (Britax Two Way Elite is a very good option), then I'd sell the base and the Pearl and see if you can get some money towards it that way.

SalopianSandancer · 05/02/2019 22:17

Thanks all for the responses.

The reason we are looking to move is that her head is at the top of the seat and the straps don't for as well as they used to over her shoulders. I removed the wedge earlier today which has given us a little more room, however the speed at which she is growing I don't think it will be long until she is back at top of the seat (she is a 98th cebtile baby).

Hopefully we get some milder weather soon as the big coats will also be adding some extra bulk.

We are keep to keep her rear facing as long as possible, in line with the new guidelines, so it may be that we invest in an i-size seat and base.

OP posts:
GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 05/02/2019 22:22

Babies shouldn’t be wearing coats in car seats. Use a blanket. It’s dangerous.

pinkhorse · 05/02/2019 22:22

Did you know you shouldn't put a coat on a baby in a car seat?

dementedpixie · 05/02/2019 22:24

You shouldn't have her in a big coat in the seat as the straps don't give the correct tension. Take the coat off and use blankets on top

piopina · 05/02/2019 22:24

Honestly I would sell or return the Pearl. If you want to stay rear facing for longer (which is by far the safest) on the 98th centile you'll need a rear facing to 25kg seat. Check out the Britax Two Way Elite, it doesn't need an isofix base.

Please don't use coats in the car seat. You should get quite a few more months out of your Pebble without the wedge or wearing a coat.

MulderitsmeX · 05/02/2019 22:33

SalopianSandancer you said about the straps, do you know you can adjust the height of these? Open the back compartment and pinch the two plastic things together and pull up. This will make them higher up.

Also i thought the pearl was rf and ff?

TulipsInbloom1 · 05/02/2019 22:35

Coat off in the car seat. Can add a blanket over all the buckles and straps once they are fastened.
Buy an extended rear facing car seat for when she outgrown the infant seat.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 06/02/2019 07:27

If she's 98th centile then the Pearl isn't a good choice whatever. She'll need a 25kg seat as she'll outgrow the Pearl before 4 but will be too young and immature for a high back booster. Look into the Britax Two Way Elite or the Axkid Minikid.

And as others have said, no coats in car seats! It's so frightening that this message still isn't getting out to new parents. Nobody should wear a coat in the car but definitely not children in harnessed seats.

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