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Kiddy evoluna I-size 2

4 replies

woolster · 29/10/2018 18:20

Does anybody have this seat? Has great reviews and we’re looking for a lie-flat for a likely small, prem baby. Just wondering what wheels you’ve put it on and whether it is prohibitively heavy?

OP posts:
JosellaPlayton · 01/11/2018 19:10

We had the older version for DD (the Evo Lunafix) who was born in summer 2017. I’d definitely recommend it. The only points to consider:

  • it needs a lot of space to lie flat, we got it in the back of our golf but the passenger seat had to be too far forward for 6ft2 DH to sit comfortably in it
  • to take it out of the car you need to change it from the lie flat to upright mode (as you lie it flat by putting the carry handle down), I never once managed it without waking DD

It got loads of use on our buggy frame though (icandy peach), especially as DD hated the carrycot and wasn’t too heavy, I didn’t really notice a difference weight wise between it and our non-isofix maxi cosi.
Stellarbella · 01/11/2018 19:20

I have the i-size 1. It’s great, I feel so happy that DS can lie back in it, it feels so safe. Like PP says, you need a lot of room in the car - DH can’t fit behind the drivers seat of our Volvo V60 when the seat is installed.

justanothersugar · 03/11/2018 15:07

We have it too and my 15 month old is just getting too big for it now.

When we were looking, it was the only lie flat option whilst in the car and as all our grandparents all live at least 2 hours away, it was the only option in our minds.

15 months later, we've loved it!! It's so good to know that we didn't have to worry about the 2 hour rule. I didn't find it too heavy, and it's such a cocoon, especially with the newborn insert.

We were told (perhaps incorrectly) that it would limit our choice of pushchairs as it's not compatible with the wheels and adaptors, so that's worth checking.

The pushchair adaptors come up on eBay every so often as well, and are usually cheaper.

Good luck!! x

BertieBotts · 11/11/2018 19:59

This car seat will fit on what they call "universal" or maxi-cosi adapters so you have lots of choice of pushchairs.

TBH I think all infant car seats are heavy unless you get a really basic one.

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