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Joie 360 in Citroen C4

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usernotfound0000 · 04/09/2018 13:40

We've just changed our car to the Citroen C4 Picasso, it has underfloor storage, I'm really confused as to what this means for fitting the car seat - does it mean we shouldn't use it? Can anyone link me to some useful information? Thanks.

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mrs2468 · 04/09/2018 13:45

Have you been on the manufactures website that details what cars and what seats it's usable on? I'd start there

usernotfound0000 · 04/09/2018 13:57

The Joie instruction manual has an ! on the 2 outside passenger seats, but I can't find anywhere that tells me what this means, other than it means there is underfloor storage, but it doesn't tell me if I can then use the seat or what I can do to make it safe?

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