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Joie every stage vs FX

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DD2017 · 11/04/2018 16:45

I've narrowed down my choices and sought advice from FB as teaandbiscuits so kindly suggest in most posts I have read.
The seat which suits all my requirements best would be the Joie every stage or the fx.
I don't intend to be front facing until the weight limit is reached so will not have a use for the isofix (although secondary safety with this would be good).
DD is 6mo and 75th percentile in height and weight so may outgrow sooner but happy with this from 3+ instead of 4 if this happens.
Is the re-inforced steel seat and soft harness worth the extra money on this?
Anyone got points to note in the differences or otherwise before I take the plunge?

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teaandbiscuitsforme · 11/04/2018 17:35

Ha ha, it's almost like I'm a broken record! Grin But I do genuinely believe they're the best place for car seat advice without going to an independent car seat advisor.

I also wish I'd found them before I made the expensive mistake of choosing an excellent 18kg, isize, isofix, Swedish Plus tested ERF seat for my 91st centile daughter which she would grow out of before 4. 'Luckily' we were in a crash where our car was written off and all our car seats had to be replaced so we now have 25kg seats.

As for your question... I don't know the specifics of the difference between the Every Stage and the FX but I have read that there can be issue fitting it when the headrest is fully extended. So maybe make sure you get whichever one properly fitted at its most extended before you buy?

DD2017 · 11/04/2018 19:04

Fab! Thanks for the advice; thought I'd trawled all the frightening reviews but missed this point.
Off to Halfords on Friday for a fitting session so will defo ask for this! Smile

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teaandbiscuitsforme · 12/04/2018 05:20

Also check you can tighten and loosen the straps easily because apparently they can be really stiff on the Every Stage.

Good luck!

DD2017 · 12/04/2018 07:37

Thanking you!!!

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