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I would love some advice on what seat I should use after infant carrier

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caseymoo · 30/03/2018 19:18

Hello, so my dd is 10 mo and weighs getting on for 10kg, she is also fairly tall.
So I've been thinking about what next seat to go for for her. I am also expecting a second in a few months and plan to reuse the current infant carrier for that baby.

I know rear facing is much safer, so I would like Mumsnet help on the next seat. We are on a tight budget, and also we don't have isofix in our car and straining a seat belt round is sometimes at the limit of the belt.

Can anyone help?

OP posts:
teaandbiscuitsforme · 30/03/2018 20:51

Because she's high centile for weight and height, a 25kg rear facing seat is the most economical buy to have the safest seat.

The Britax Two Way Elite is a really good option- about £185? Available from the In Car Safety Centre. Otherwise the Axkid Minikid is superb if you can stretch to £300. They do a slightly cheaper version, I think it's the Axkid Move, which might be worth looking in to.

Also, join the Facebook group 'Car Seat Advice UK' if you can because it's run by car seat experts and their advice is very good. You can also search for your car type to see what other people have got to fit - although the Britax TWE and Axkid Minikid pretty much fit in any car it seems.

Tinseltower · 30/03/2018 22:00

What about the joie stages car seat? Will last a long while as it turns front facing at 18kg.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 30/03/2018 23:50

The Stages becomes a high back booster at 18kg so your child is restrained by the car seatbelt rather than a harness. If your child is tall or predicted to weigh 18kg before the age of 4, it's not a great choice because you would have to use it as a HBB before it is really advised to do so.

Advice is to keep children harnessed until at least 4- hence why Isize seats have to age 4 as a guide. It doesn't work for higher centile children though- my DS is predicted to be 18kg at 2.5yrs! Check her red book and track when she will reach 18kg or how tall she will be at 4 years old. If she reaches 18kg before 4, it's much safer to buy a 25kg rear facing seat like I mentioned before. Then you can buy a high back booster once she's outgrown that seat (probably age 5+).

Tinseltower · 31/03/2018 07:36

Sorry I didn’t clock on that your child was big for their age! Besafe also do a seat that goes to 25kg but it’s more pricey. It’s a good seat though if you have short seatbelts as it doesn’t have to go around the back of the seat.

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