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twoboots1 · 28/03/2018 21:36

We are using the now discontinued Kiddy comfort pro for DS (20 months) it was bought in 2011 for DD who generally got on very well with it.
The impact shield is tattered and Kiddy are no longer able to give me a replacement and though its never been in an accident, I would like something new.
Now looking at the a various options I am a bit overwhelmed, at the time Kiddy was one of the only manufacturers that had an impact shield and I liked that this seat is lightweight could be transferred between cars quickly.
The only issue is that I never felt DD was particularly comfortable on long journeys (what child is?), she suffered from terrible motion sickness but I'm not sure if the impact shield contributed to that, certainly the "reclined" postion was'nt particularly condusive to napping.
Any experiences or recommendations with regards to seats with impact shields would be most helpful.

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twoboots1 · 28/03/2018 22:35

delving deeper and with more research, im now considering an extended rear facing seat, though not sure how this young man will cope going back to backwards......

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teaandbiscuitsforme · 29/03/2018 05:33

Join the Facebook group 'Car Seat Advice Uk' if you can. There are lots of examples there of people who have turned children 3+ rear facing very successfully. It works because ERF seats are very comfortable, their feet are supported rather than dangling and they get a much better view out the back window then they do forward facing so you might be surprised!

However, they're not fans of the impact shield seats. They have a file on there that you can read about why then won't recommend them. But they are experts in car seats and their advice is excellent.

I'd recommend you look at the Axkid Minikid which rear faces to 25kg. It's a brilliant seat and very comfortable. We have 2 and both of mine have been very happy in it. If you need something a little cheaper, the Britax Two Way Elite is a very good option. 25kg also so it will last even a very high centile child a long time.

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