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Changing car seat from 5 point harness

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Love51 · 24/03/2018 11:03

My kid has grown. So I'm trying to change a Britax evolva 123 to the next stage up, so it is one of those you just belt in.
There are a lot of bits of straps. Some of them don't seem to come out. Do you just tuck them away?
This is one of those things that make me think I'm only pretending to be an adult. Please feel free to be slightly patronising in your responses, I hate doing stuff like this! Thanks.

OP posts:
umizoomi · 24/03/2018 11:10

We have the evolva 123 and I think the straps all come out?

LIZS · 24/03/2018 11:17

Iirc they feed through to the back and can be tucked away.

IWantMyHatBack · 24/03/2018 11:21

If you don't know how to do something, it's always worth a check on YouTube for a tutorial.
Love51 · 24/03/2018 11:30

Thanks for the replies. That you tube video is perfect. I did look but couldn't remember the word 'harness' so I just got one showing how to put it in the car.

OP posts:
Janek · 24/03/2018 11:30

Wow, we have that seat - I had gleaned that things should stow away, but there were far more bits of elastic and secret compartments than I inferred from the instruction booklet! We have bits of strap and metal flapping around all over the place.

Andbabymakesthree · 24/03/2018 11:33

How old and what weight are they.

Love51 · 24/03/2018 12:59

Old enough and heavy enough,baby
It wasn't the kid I was struggling with, it was the seat.

OP posts:
Andbabymakesthree · 24/03/2018 17:10

No need to be rude. I was ensuring you are aware under 4s should be harnessed.

IWantMyHatBack · 24/03/2018 17:21

Nothing to do with age Andbaby - it's weight and height that are more important.

Andbabymakesthree · 24/03/2018 17:31

Google Isabelle Broadhead and also read this link.

Are you a qualified car seat advisor? I am. Too many under 4s in booster seats when they don't have the bone maturity.

thefutureisours · 24/03/2018 17:32

Iwant that is true for the limits of the seat but it is recommended to harness till at least 4 as child's bones are not strong enough before then. You can get seats with a 25kg limit for the harness, I think that is the point andbaby is trying to make. Just because a child is over 18kg or tall doesn't mean they are safe to go in a booster. My 2.5 year old is 18kg and no bloomin way is he going in a booster, we have an axkid minikid which harnesses (and rear faces) to 25kg.

IWantMyHatBack · 24/03/2018 17:47

I'm well aware of car seat safety, thanks very much.

That's a fucking huge 2.5yo btw. My 5yo is only just 18kg.. Hmm

IWantMyHatBack · 24/03/2018 18:00

Btw Andbaby, you're the one that's coming across as rude.

Andbabymakesthree · 24/03/2018 18:04

Wow. Not rude just factual. However not only are you wrong you've also insulted a child's weight. For info it's becoming an increasing issue. Sometimes due to genetic reasons too.

shesalady · 24/03/2018 18:06

It always tickles me that car seat discussions usually break down in to fighting. Grin

I'm on an American Facebook car seat page and there's all out war sometimes!

MyDcAreMarvel · 24/03/2018 18:09

AndBBy wasn't rude it's a fair enough question.

llangennith · 24/03/2018 18:12

Took ours to Mothercare and one of their car seat experts took the straps off. It’s way too complicated!

dementedpixie · 24/03/2018 18:12

Evolva 123 harness is only ok to use until 18kg and then it becomes a high backed booster not a booster cushion. I remember tucking straps away rather than removing them. Ds was big and was 18kg before the age of 3

thefutureisours · 24/03/2018 18:58

I am not in the least offended by the comment about my son's weight, he IS huge both in height and weight. 99.8th centile for both, he's 3-4 clothes but away to go into 4-5. Health visitor is not in the slightest bit worried about him, neither is his go as he is big all over and always has been. I don't think the comment was meant offensively and it wasn't taken that way either.

I don't think anyone is intentionally trying to offend anyone here. Car seat safety is an emotive topic and these threads often get a little out of hand.

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